The Most Romantic Honeymoon Ideas

The Most Romantic Honeymoon Ideas 

Honeymoons can be just about anything, as long as you and your partner both agree on a place to visit, that’s all that matters. Most couples opt to spend their honeymoon relaxing on a beach in the tropics.

But there are plenty of other, more romantic and more exciting, things you can do.

Not only should your honeymoon be romantic and enjoyable, but it should also be based on your joint tastes. If there’s somewhere that you’ve both always wanted to go, go there. The question is, where should you go?

Honeymoon on a yacht

For a honeymoon with a difference, spending it on a yacht is perfect. As long as neither you nor your spouse get seasick, that is. The great thing about honeymooning on a private yacht is that you don’t have to spend your trip in one place. You have the opportunity to travel around.

Whether you want to explore the Balearic Islands in Spain or the British Virgin Islands, renting a yacht could be perfect for you. If it’s the latter, check out British Virgin Island Yacht Rentals. If you’d prefer to spend your time in Spain, or somewhere else that’s hot, Google yacht rentals for that area. Imagine staring out across the ocean with your new partner wrapped around you – what could be more romantic?

Camp in the wilderness

If you’re a couple that loves nature, a camping honeymoon could be perfect for you. It might not sound luxurious, but being alone in the middle of nowhere can be extremely romantic. There will be no one to disturb you, no phones going off, no Facebook, just the two of you. You can spend your time relaxing, hiking, fishing, doing whatever you want to.

If the idea of camping doesn’t appeal to you but you love being close to nature, glamping could be a good bet. You still get that camping feeling, but you have lots of little luxurious to make your time away feel extra special. Think a comfortable bed, candles, champagne – all the little details that will make your time that little bit more romantic.

Go on safari

Safaris might be expensive but the best time to go is definitely for your honeymoon. If you and your new partner are both animal lovers, then going on safari could be the perfect way to celebrate your wedding. There’s something incredibly romantic about the African savannah.  Perhaps it’s the natural beauty of the space ? Whatever it is, a safari honeymoon is a great option.

There are so many amazing safari resorts that you can stay at, that whatever your tastes, there should be one that’s perfect. From glamping to five-star hotels, you have plenty of options to choose from. Where you opt to spend your honeymoon will depend on your budget and the type of experience you want.

There you have it, three of the most romantic honeymoon ideas. There are so many different options for your honeymoon; it’s just a case of picking the perfect one. From camping and glamping to spending your honeymoon relaxing on a yacht, there are lots of options.


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