How to Plan Your Vegan Wedding

Organizing a wedding can be extremely stressful. There’s so much to think about: the dress, the venue, the catering, the flowers, the registry. Of course, every bride-to-be wants her special day to be perfect and special.

Planning a vegan wedding might seem too overwhelming, but it really isn’t. If you want the wedding to reflect your lifestyle and your beliefs, go for it! There’s no reason why your wedding wouldn’t be beautiful and your food and cake delicious! Here are some ideas on how to have the perfect vegan wedding.

How to Plan Your Vegan Wedding
The Way You Look Tonight
Of course, looking beautiful is very high on every bride’s list of priorities for their wedding day. However, to some, it’s equally important that their look for the occasion is completely cruelty-free. Vegan dresses are widely available. Chiffon, lace, satin and taffeta are all vegan. The only non-vegan option for dresses is silk. An experienced salesperson at any wedding gown salon should be able to tell you exactly what each dress is made from. Non-leather shoes are also easy to find, and most vegans already have their favorite brands. When it comes to the groom and his suit, he should avoid wool, and opt for cotton, linen or polyester.

The Hair and Makeup
For hair and make-up products, you will need to check whether a brand tests on animals. Peta has a very handy tool for exactly this purpose on their website. A lot of brands still test on animals, but luckily, there are some quality brands in all price ranges that are cruelty-free. The situation can get a bit more complicated if you’re not doing your own makeup. If you are planning on hiring a makeup artist, make sure you check what brands they use well before the event. Some makeup artists do have experience with vegan clients, and can provide cruelty-free brands. If the artist you chose doesn’t have vegan options, you could always ask them to work with your own makeup.

How to Plan Your Vegan Wedding
Vegan Treats
The menu is what will make or break your vegan wedding. If the majority of your guests aren’t vegan, they will probably be skeptic about the food. However, this is a great opportunity to prove them wrong, and show them that vegan food can be delectable. With so many excellent caterers available, it shouldn’t be hard to find great wedding catering in Melbourne. Hire caterers who already have experience with vegan events and work with them to create a menu. A lot of bakeries do wonderful cakes that all your guests will be amazed are actually vegan.

The Ethical Honeymoon
Once the wedding is over, it’s your time to unwind and forget about all the stress. To make sure your honeymoon is ethical and involves absolutely no animal cruelty, plan ahead. Check out websites such as VegVoyages or Humane Travel for information on best vegan honeymoon destinations. Peta also has a few recommendations of their own.
Once you’ve covered these basics, you can make a list of other details you need to take care of. Choose fresh, organic, locally-grown flowers, and don’t forget your decorations and wedding favors! If you are living the vegan lifestyle, there is no reason why you should compromise. After all, your belief system and ethical reasons play a huge role in your life. Luckily, today veganism is not a novelty anymore, and it’s not hard to find ethical options for everything you need. If you’re worried because a lot of your guests aren’t vegan – don’t be. As long as you serve them delicious food, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t enjoy it.

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