Tips for a Beautiful Winter Wedding

5 Organizational Tips for a Beautiful Winter Wedding

5 Organizational Tips for a Beautiful Winter Wedding

Celebrations and events held during the winter holidays have a special ambiance. They usually borrow a bit of Christmas and New Year atmosphere, which adds to a more solemn feeling.

That’s why some bridal couples decide to get married in winter. This is even more common in regions where winter brings a lot of snow.

Winter landscapes can serve as a perfect background for some wonderful wedding photos.

Still, it’s important to bear in mind that winter wedding demand some special organizational solutions.

5 Organizational Tips for a Beautiful Winter Wedding
Organizational Tips for a Beautiful Winter Wedding

1)     Using winter decorations

Bridal couples know how expensive wedding decorations can be. From flower arrangements and greenery to balloons and table ornaments, there’s a lot on your plate.

Organizing a wedding reception in winter could actually keep a few dollars more in your pocket.

For starters, ask the manager of your wedding venue or the priest from the chosen church whether they already have any decorations at the venue. Most restaurants and other similar places decorate their halls before Christmas and New Year holidays.

You can ask to add some of your decorations or leave the hall the way they’ve arranged it.

That way, you won’t have to splurge your budget on those items.

You can install some additional Christmas wedding lights to make the entire venue look even more attractive.

2)     Making a wedding menu

Bridal couples usually choose their wedding menu from a variety of options. This part is the same for every wedding ceremony.

For a winter wedding, you can add some dishes and drinks that will fit into the winter ambiance.

For instance, think about replacing roast pork with roast turkey. That way, your wedding lunch will look more like a family lunch, which will symbolize the start of your new family life.

Also, ask the chef if it’s possible to add more Christmas cookies and cakes to the sweet menu. The more cinnamon in the air, the more Christmassy your wedding reception will look and smell.

The two other winter ingredients that you should add to your menu are mulled wine and winter beer.

3)     Providing warm clothes

Depending on your wedding style and the venue, you can either opt for an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony.

Either way, the winter ambiance will permeate your wedding, adding to its elegance and style.

If you decide to organize the ceremony outdoors, informing your guests about that via invitation cards or emails is a must. People need to know that they will spend some time outside, in the cold, to bring some warm clothes to the wedding.

Ask the local staff if they can provide you with some blankets, as well as cushions for your senior guests.

Finally, check out if the venue has a closed terrace or any glassed-in hall. Such a place would be splendid because you would be able to feel the winter atmosphere while heating the hall.

4)     Wearing suitable wedding clothes

Now that we’ve protected your guests from the cold, it’s time to discuss the bride’s and groom’s clothes.

For starters, the bride needs to have an overcoat or even a fur coat. Combining different shades of white colors on your gown, your veil, and your coat will perfectly match the winter whiteness around you. Also, the bride should think about footwear. High heels aren’t an option if you’re planning to have a wedding on a snowy and icy surface. A pair of trendy white boots might be the right choice to stay both warm and chic.

The groom also needs to wear a coat. He should add a warm vest to it, as well.

When it comes to footwear, men will stay warm and dry wearing a pair of leather shoes.

Both the bride and the groom need to pack one or two pairs of spare socks.

5)     Moving a wedding to a new area

Getting married in winter, but in a warm region, is another interesting wedding trend.

Instead of organizing their reception in their cold, continental area, some couples decide to relocate their wedding.

The most obvious advantage of such a decision is to do something from others.

Some couples need to hurry with their wedding, but they don’t want to get married when it’s cold.

Others simply have more money and want to follow trends.

If you decide to organize your winter wedding in a warmer location, like the exclusive wedding venue in College Station, make sure that all your guests have a place to stay. Also, inform them on time so they can plan this trip and the wedding reception.


Winter weddings can look more attractive and beautiful, but they also require some additional organizational actions. From ensuring winter decorations and making a winter menu to providing and wearing warm clothes, every bridal couple needs to think about many things.

On the other hand, some couples want to get married in winter but they don’t like cold weather. If you belong to this group of people, make sure to save enough money on time and book a proper venue in another region.

No matter if you prefer a cold or warm wedding, we hope our tips will help you throw a unique winter wedding.


Author Bio: James Barnes is an experienced wedding organizer and blogger at He specialized in organizing outdoor wedding events. When he isn’t writing about weddings and marital life, David usually goes swimming or playing squash.

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