One aspect of wedding shopping is jewellery and accessories!

One aspect of wedding shopping is jewellery and accessories!

One aspect of wedding shopping is jewellery and accessories!

4 Accessories Every Couple Must Flaunt On Their Wedding Day

Weddings are synonymous to ultimate fun, great happy moments, extensive shopping and togetherness, of course! It is a big day for not just the couple but their families and friends too. It takes months to bring everything together and give the couple the best of everything on their big day! Weddings are supposed to be the events that bring everyone together to celebrate the moment when out two most beloved people decide to embark upon a new journey together! Everyone must have thought about their wedding day sometime during their childhood or while growing up and when finally the day arrives, we want it just like that, picture perfect, not a single deviation from our dreams!

But weddings are much more that just dreams and thoughts and expectations. What makes all this real is effective wedding planning and many decisions made after brainstorming. You may not believe it but the preparation time for the wedding is one of the most stressful period for the couple! Preparing the guest list, finding the right planner, attending everyone, making all the major decisions and then, shopping, the toughest of all! If you are next in line, then brace yourself! We don’t mean to scare you because in spite of all this, your wedding day is the one you will remember the most!

One aspect of wedding shopping is jewellery and accessories! You just can’t get that wrong, and here we mean both the bride and groom! Let us know which jewellery and accessory is a must wear on the wedding day. And we are not including the wedding ring in it!

Tiara- beginning with the lady of the hour, the beautiful bride! Wedding dress is definitely the one attire on which you pay the most attention ever, in your entire life! Remember the iconic tiara that Princess Diana adorned on her wedding day? How about a glittering tiara along with the veil to complete your look? Tiaras are a beautiful piece of accessory that will not just complement well with the dress but will also make you look taller. Tiaras are present in many different styles and you can choose the one matching your style and dress by various stores online and offline.

Cufflinks- now is the turn of the groom, our man bidding farewell to his singlehood in style!

One of the most graceful additions to a man’s attire, making him look sauve are cufflinks. These small, yet elegant pieces are enough to embellish a perfectly tailored suit. You can choose from a variety of types like the ones crafted out of platinum or cut steel or silver or any other material. You can get them personalised according to your style or maybe choose from various options available in the market or online from Simon Wright.

One aspect of wedding shopping is jewellery and accessories!
One aspect of wedding shopping is jewellery and accessories!

Earrings- generally, brides tend to keep their wedding jewellery subtle so that the major focus is on the elaborate, white wedding gown which is an example of fine craftsmanship and must be the center of attraction of the event. To keep the look minimalistic and yet enticing, a pair of bespoke earrings are sufficient to glam up the bride’s look and make her look nothing less than the most beautiful woman on earth! A pair of exquisite diamond earrings or ones with precious stones studded in them which complement the gown perfectly will do the job for you!


Watches- for a man, his tailored suit is never complete without a timeless watch completing the look! And, so the same is true for our groom. You can’t let the bride steal the show without giving some stiff competition. Pair your exquisite and sauve look with an exceptionally beautiful watch to show some flair and personality that may make the bride skip a heartbeat when she first lays her eyes on you while walking towards the aisle. There are many luxury brands making watches especially for the D-day and you can choose from the various wedding collections in the market.

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