Beauty tips to have a porcelain skin on your wedding day

Beauty tips to have a porcelain skin on your wedding day

Beauty tips to have a porcelain skin on your wedding day

After months of preparation, very long checklists to plan the perfect wedding, and endless hours working out every last detail, you may have neglected your beauty routine. Every bride wants the flawless wedding-day skin. Having a photographer to capture every moment while you are spending the morning getting ready with your bridesmaids is one of the most fun parts of your special day.

Remember that these photos last forever. You should try to look like a more beautiful, fresh and enhanced version of yourself. In this article, we will show you the top pre-wedding beauty tips for brides that will be the lifesaver in all that special day chaos.

Consider Your Unique Skin Type

There are a few types of skin such as sensitive, dry, oily, normal and combination, that can change over time.

Sensitive skin: It includes dryness, burning, itching, and redness. Find out what your triggers are and how to avoid them.

Dry skin: You may have more visible lines, red patches, rough, dull complexion, almost invisible pores. Your skin can become inflamed, irritated, itchy or can crack because it is also less elastic.

Oily skin: It includes pimples, blackheads, shiny or dull, thick complexion, enlarged pores.

Normal skin type: Not too oily and not too dry. You may have a radiant complexion, barely visible pores, and few or no imperfections.

Get Enough Sleep and Try Juicing for Skin Glow

According to recent researches of 500 newlywed and engaged couples, 96 percent said planning your special day is stressful. That will lead to sleepless nights. So, to avoid this problem, say no to the social outing that will result in shortened rest, nap whenever you can, and schedule in lazy weekends.

Get rested-looking, glowing skin in return, and take care of you because there will be plenty of time to catch up with your family and friends on the big day.

Lots of fluid intakes and balanced diet serve as the key to the fantastic skin.  Drink some healthy juices which are packed with enzymes, vitamins and other essential nutrients to give your skin natural glow and sheen. For example, apple, papaya, cucumber, lemon, carrot, orange tomato, celery, beetroot, spinach, green peas, baby corn or broccoli juice.

Beauty tips to have a porcelain skin on your wedding day
Beauty tips to have a porcelain skin on your wedding day

Do Your Skin Peel on Time

A skin peel is designed to reveal brighter skin and dissolve dead skin cells. It also helps lighten dark blotches for even-toned complexion and erase fine lines. But, it is essential to do that at least two weeks before your special day because it can cause drying.

Before you go to the more advanced peels, it is crucial always to be prepared. To get the best results for your skin and give it beautiful brighter tone, you should consult cosmetic surgery experts and receive more information. They will educate you and manage your expectations.

Try Photos of Your Makeup with or Without the Flash

Make sure to take some photos of your makeup at your trial, to avoid having a total bridal beauty fail.  You should also be mindful of products with shimmer and HD powder because both can create unsightly white spots on your face.

Do Facial Massage

Massage improves lymph and blood circulation, just like working out. That means it decreases the amount of fluid retention in your face, increases collagen production and enhances the delivery of nutrients and oxygen. So, incorporate it into your daily skincare routine before your big day.

Use Vitamins Inside and Outside

Superfoods like blueberries, cacao, and kale can do wonders for your body. What you eat or drink affects your inflammatory skin conditions and hormones. Lead a healthy lifestyle and eat clean to keep your body healthy, your skin happy and increase energy.


Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable and biggest days of your life, so it is natural that you want to look perfect. Follow our beauty tips to make your skin look flawless on your special day.

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