Bridal Beauty 10 Great Make-up Tips

Flowers, props, reception, dresses and all other stuff that you have got to prepare yourself for are a few stresses that come along with sheer happiness and joy. All said and done, the brides still need to get her make-up done and that’s in itself another kind of stress. The most important are here:-


– The most important part is to have your gown selected well in advance. Then select the make-up you want to go with and try it at least 3 weeks in advance to the wedding day. It will be a test run but can give you a full picture of how your face will glow on your wedding day.


– While doing the test run, it is better to wear a white shirt or any pale colored shirt just to ensure how good the make-up turns out to be on a pale colored gown. Picture yourself in the daylight and analyze the positives and the negatives that you feel about it.


–  As far as eyes are concerned, emphasize them by using corrector under them.


– Make-up art is not what every bride may be good at. Therefore, it will be better to bring references along just in case to help explain your make-up artist understand what you desire.


– 90% of the brides opt for a white dress on their big day. If same is true in your case, then make sure that your make-up compensates for the white of your dress. Smoothness of the skin, shine of the cheeks all comes hand in hand.


– Excess of everything is bad. Same is true in case of bridal make-up. It is important to highlight the extent of the make-up that you want to put on. This aspect generally relates to the mood of the bride but on your wedding day, its more about you and your wedding than anything else. Make sure that you glow accurate, neither over nor under done.


– Retain focus on the most important aspect which turns out to be your natural look and skin. Overdoing the skin will take the natural element out of your face and artificial glow will fade your wedding outlook in persona as well as in your wedding photos.


– The best wedding make-up lasts long. Selecting a professional and highlighting this aspect will help you survive the day without getting it replenished. It may be a little expensive but then it is what you want, don’t you!


– Eyes are the most attractive feature on your face. Get your make-up done in a way that your eyes pop out at the end of the make-up session. Using a highlighter shade on the brow bone will be fantastic.

Getting your make-up done in advance and letting the beautician hijack your look is good option. Bridal make-up may be the only one thing in the world that hates taking risks, so should you. It is your wedding day. When every other thing is perfect, then don’t get it ruined just by the make-up on your face.

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