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Guidelines For Running A Successful Catering Business

Difference between Food Service and Catering

Guidelines For Running A Successful Catering Business

If you are passionate about cooking and are thinking about starting a business, combine the two and start a catering business. Catering is a business of providing food service at sites and events. The catering company usually prepares the food at its premises and delivers to the event when needed. Hence, as a pre-requisite extensive knowledge of food is of utmost importance.

Difference between Food Service and Catering

Many times, we tend to misunderstand and think that food services and catering are the same. Well, that’s not the case, food service also called restaurant service generally refers to any business involved in the preparation of food for indoor or outdoor occasions whereas, catering involves a professional business of preparing and serving food at a designated location. Catering can be the gateway to the restaurant business.

Guidelines for running a successful catering business 

  • For food lover’s beverage and appetizers come as a proper service. Hence, if you’re aspiring to become a caterer and planning to inaugurate business as soon as possible then you should know that the rate of the catering business is higher than that of the restaurant business. This is because as the overhead is less and people are required during events so that is how your budget remains slim.
  • Try acquiring a catering job as an experience first before going out there straight in the catering. A good start would be to get into an established caterer as they always look for good people to work on events. It is important that you gain experience beforehand to make sure if this is the business you want to get into.
  • Rent catering equipment initially without buying it as by now you are still not sure how far your business would go.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but so can the reception.

  • Don’t forget to ensure you have insurance, one cannot underestimate its importance as sometimes it is easy to oversee. Your business should be a lawfully legalized business that is licensed to cover vendors, guests or anyone who could possibly be affected by your services.
  • The catering business cannot be run as a stand-alone business hence, it is very important that you simultaneously network with Event Planners and Wedding Coordinators.
  • Try using Social media such as Twitter as well as Facebook to promote your business and stay focused to meet objectives.
  • Starting a Catering business is very less expensive than running a restaurant.
  • Be very flexible with your catering menu as you would need to accommodate the needs and tastes of your guests.
  • Ensure you know who you are competing with. To make your existence in the market you need to compete with them in terms of menu, prices, etc.
  • Check out on the venue before starting your business to make sure of the availability of the required resources.
  • Most important have fun and enjoy what you are doing, you should be happy that your business has been selected for the most important events in people’s life. You need to have a good attitude to make your business prosper and sustainable.
Guidelines For Running A Successful Catering Business
Guidelines For Running A Successful Catering Business

Risks involved in the Catering Business 

  • Risks involved are not just limited to the catering business but food as an industry because catering is a part of the humongous food business.
  • Foodborne diseases are one of the major risks involved in the profession. Food not cooked or stored properly can cause severe sickness or even death. One single incident can make your business cease with a damaged reputation.
  • Workplace injury could happen if the workers lack experience, also because caterers are always working in new settings may leave them susceptible to accidents. Plus, the workload to make food in bulk. It’s not an easy task whilst their mind is stuck on everything from maintaining hygiene to meeting deadlines.
  • The fact is that the costliest claims in the catering business are caused by motor vehicle accidents. It is very important to take proper care while driving and refraining from mobile phones while doing so.

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