Coconut Oil How it can Act as a Bridal Beauty Powerhouse

Coconut oil is proving to be an incredibly versatile natural substance.  It can be used in cooking, moisturizing and even help with fresh breath! The possibilities are endless, the following tips focus on its properties as a beauty aid and how it can be the most essential part of any bride-to-be’s wedding preparations:

Removing Make-up

No matter what make-up you use, even the waterproof ones are no match for a drop of coconut oil. It can be put on your face in the same way you would use an oil cleanser or you can allow it to soak in using a cotton pad. Whichever method you use the make-up will wipe straight off.

Freshening Your Breathe

Gargling just one teaspoon of coconut oil for twenty minutes will be enough to leave your mouth fresh and your teeth whiter. It will also kill off germs in your mouth and make it look healthier!


Nobody likes these tiny little creatures which make your scalp itch. The solution is simple; thoroughly rinse your hair with cider vinegar before applying coconut oil to it. It is best to comb the oil through the hair. Then, leave the oil on for between twelve and twenty four hours to ensure all the lice are killed.

Cuticle Care

Cuticles can easily be damaged but a drop of coconut oil at the base of each nail will prevent any damage or peeling skin. This is a powerful tip for women of all ages, especially for brides to be.

Coconut Oil How it can Act as a Bridal Beauty Powerhouse 2

Brush Cleaner

Your make-up brush is a vital part of your beauty kit and should be cleaned regularly to ensure you are applying only the products you wish to. Simply mix two parts antibacterial soap with one part coconut oil and use this to keep your brushes clean. A make-up brush should be cleaned at least once a month.

Lip Balm

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and is also semi-solid at room temperature. Find a small tin; or old lip balm container, and put a little oil in it. He will partially solidify and you can take it anywhere with you; applying to your lips as and when needed.

Stretch Marks

Both as a bride and, subsequently as a mother you will not wish to have any more stretch marks than possible. Coconut oil has been found to be an excellent solution. Massage a little oil into your skin, particularly where stretch marks are likely and prevent them from occurring.

Eye Cream

Under your eyes are one of the worst places for loose skin and the appearance of bags. This is particularly true in the stressful build up to a wedding! A small dab of coconut oil under each eye daily will help to keep the bags and even fine lines away.

Body Scrub

A small amount of coconut oil can be mixed with sugar to create an excellent body scrub; remove the dead skin cells and allow your skin to glow.

Coconut Oil How it can Act as a Bridal Beauty Powerhouse 3


Frizzy hair can be a real nuisance, especially when getting ready for your big day. A little coconut oil rubbed into your hands can be smoothed from the bottom half of your hair and prevent any frizz.


A little coconut oil warmed in the microwave can help to create a sensuous massage, your skin will b left moisturized and soft. You can even add a little lavender or peppermint.


The best legs are the smoothest and softest. Shaving cream or foam can often leave your legs dried out but coconut oil will not! A little oil rubbed into your legs before shaving will allow your razor to glide over your skin and moisturize as it goes.


A little coconut oil applied to the roots of your hair every night will be enough to prevent any dandruff! It has also been associated with stimulating hair growth.

Body Oil

After your shower dab a little coconut oil onto your still wet skin. Leave it for a few moments before you pat yourself dry. The oil will moisturize and provide protection from the sun whilst leaving your body smooth.


Mix a little oil with arrowroot powder, cornstarch and baking soda. Then add a few drop of you preferred scented oil and use as a deodorant. It works perfectly and is natural!

Are you bride to be getting ready for your big day? Do you want to look and feel gorgeous? Coconut oil can help; just check out the tips presented above and see for you.


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