Finding the Perfect Size For Your Event Venue

Finding the Perfect Size For Your Event Venue

Finding the Perfect Size For Your Event Venue

Planning an event can be an exciting and somewhat overwhelming feat. Searching for an event space or banquet hall is arguable the defining decision in what makes a good event. A professional event planner could get started on the booking process for the perfect-sized banquet hall in the perfect location. But, as a beginner, you might be asking yourself “What’s the right size?”.

So… What size should I be looking for?

Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all when looking for a banquet hall. It really depends on a list of things, such as the size and nature of your event, the number of guests you’ve invited, and if it’s a strict invitation-only event or open to all. Is it formal or informal? Are you looking for a bang or are you going for a more subdued effect?

For instance, if you’re looking for a wedding venue in Dubai, your quest should involve the length of your guest list, if the list is inclusive, you’d likely be needing a larger space or hall. However, if you’re having a birthday party or just a casual get-together with your friends over drinks and dinner, you might want to go for a smaller event space.

It’s crucial you keep an eye on your guest list. A gathering of over 20 people would most likely require a larger banquet hall to avoid any discomfort amongst the guests or the venue itself. On the other hand, a smaller space would suffice for a gathering of under 20.

Another element to consider when searching for a banquet hall or event space would be the type of event you are looking to host. Is it a dinner party celebrating a product launch, a training event, a Christmas brunch, an Iftar or Eid Al Fitr reception?

A dinner would require more space to have room for the banquet tables, while a corporate workshop or training event might require more floor space to accommodate attendees and participants moving around without bumping into one another.

Why is finding the perfect size crucial?

The perfect event space or banquet hall is one that suitably accommodates the number of guests invited.

Booking a small event space for a large group would result in an overcrowded space. If anything goes wrong, such as an AC malfunction or the venue not having enough food or cutlery, it’ll be adding fuel to the fire. Your guests would be left sweating or hungry and eventually leave earlier than anticipated, which is not ideal and would lead to an unsuccessful event.

Similarly, having a large space for a small group or event could also leave guests feeling awkward. With many empty seats and a largely vacant venue, it would be perceived as a poor turnout, and the event seemingly failed.

Additionally, communication is key in each and every event. Active listening comes with active auditory abilities and being in a large hall with lots of guests or participants can come with the disadvantage of decreasing the auditory quality. That’s why it is extremely crucial to assess the size of the event space you’re looking to book. When trying to book for training events, for example, you must ensure the venue has adequate microphone capabilities or good acoustics, so participants are receiving the information clearly.

All things considered, make sure you take a good look at the space size and align that with the objectives of your event. Try not to under or overestimate the size of your event and if you’re truly struggling with the booking process, there are tons of event planners and websites such as fluidmeet. that can help ease the stress of the process.

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