Weddings, whether big or small come with the wedding stress attached

Free Wedding Planning in Four Ways!

How to Do a Stress-Free Wedding Planning in Four Ways!

Weddings are beautiful and momentous affairs. However, it all comes at a high price.

Weddings, whether big or small come with the wedding stress attached. It is a joint package. And regardless of how much you have meticulously planned your wedding or how organized of a bride you are, it is inevitable. In fact, the logistics of planning the biggest event of your life can overwhelm even the best of wedding professionals. So, it is no absolute question that it would do the same to you and your husband-to-be. This wedding phenomenon has been in fact, so common that people would often quip that the best way to eliminate the wedding stress is for the couple to break up. But of course, we do not want to take such drastic measures. After all, a stress-free wedding may be difficult to accomplish, but it is certainly not impossible to carry out. The secret to this lies within how you plan your wedding and how you put it into play. The plans for your wedding serve as a blueprint for your big day after all, and it would help you navigate through the various details of the affair.
So, if you are planning how your big day would look like, take a gander at the tips below, and you may find that you can potentially avoid the wedding stress.


After you have envisioned how you want your big day to look like, sit down and take stock. Now that you have an idea of how big or small your wedding would be, assess how much help you would need and know what you can handle. Try to find out who you can count on for help and support before making any big decisions. Additionally, it helps to be self-aware. Ask yourself: What can be a source of stress? How can I manage it? Will I be able to eliminate it?


Each week prior to the wedding day, plan a night wherein you and your spouse do not discuss anything about the wedding or do anything that is related to the wedding. Always bear in mind that first and foremost, the wedding is about you and your husband-to-be. Do not let it come to the point wherein it would inversely affect you and your fiancé in such a way that you as a couple would only be about the wedding. Relax at home together on no wedding nights or have spontaneous dates together. Do not let the hustle and bustle of wedding plans get in the way of you and your fiancé from being romantic.


Apart from getting fresh new ideas for you own wedding, it is an excellent way to get inspired with new and unique ideas as you see them first hand. Additionally, if you are participative and if you play your cards right, you may even score some wedding services (wedding gowns, honeymoon, wedding cake, etc.) for free which you can win from raffle draws or games that these events may have.


It is inevitable. Things will go wrong, several things will not be the way you want it, people will offer their unsolicited advice on how you should do things—but regardless of this, you should never feed into it. Allow yourself to get stressed out. This is normal, and it is absolutely okay to be. But remember never to give in and do not surrender to negativity. Accept that this is a part of the process, but gauge your control over your feelings. Remember that ultimately; you are stronger than the wedding stress.

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