Extreme Wedding Disasters

How to Handle These 5 Extreme Wedding Disasters

How to Handle These 5 Extreme Wedding Disasters

A wedding should be a fantastic event, but even a wedding isn’t immune from disaster. From weather issues to party members causing or getting in trouble, to dressing disasters or even a participant skipping out on the ceremony, you may need to be prepared for the worst. Fortunately, there are ways to solve even the worst wedding disasters if you are prepared for them. If something goes incredibly wrong, you’ll need to move quickly to salvage the day. Below are five worst-case scenarios, along with some ways to handle them. Follow these tips to salvage these extreme wedding disasters.

A Major Weather Problem

When you think ‘wedding,’ the first thing that comes to your mind is probably a bright, sunny outdoor affair. However, the sun and outdoors are not under your control. Weather problems are the foe of every outdoor wedding. If you have a sudden downpour or snowstorm, it’s always good to move to an indoor location. If you are planning for an outdoor ceremony, you should always have an alternate indoor space. Didn’t have one prepared? Don’t worry—you can always hold the ceremony in the same location as your reception. This is especially important for winter and spring ceremonies. For these, you probably already have an indoor location reserved. Make sure it has proper heating and space so everyone can stay inside; don’t assume some people will be able to spread out of doors.

A Party Member Causing a Ruckus

This is one of those extreme situations that you always want to avoid. Sometimes, family members, friends, or acquaintances can cause a large amount of unnecessary drama, especially when drinking is involved. It’s best to keep your eye on those firecrackers you know like to start trouble, but sometimes you cannot be prepared for other’s actions. If worse comes to worst and someone in your wedding party is arrested, or even jailed before the wedding, your best bet is to get them bailed out as quickly as possible. A local bail bonds company can help you to get them out while they await trial, and you can worry about having the party member pay you back later. But make sure that they understand the consequences of their actions—it’s important to keep the peace, but remember that this is your special day.

How to Handle These 5 Extreme Wedding Disasters
How to Handle These 5 Extreme Wedding Disasters

A Wedding Dress Disaster

Damage to a wedding dress is always a problem. The first step is to rationally address the issue—can it be fixed? Family members and friends may have sewing skills, and if not, you may be able to find a local seamstress who can do a rush job. If it can’t be fixed, can it be covered up? The addition of a shawl, scarf, or another wrap can add a fun accessory to the outfit while hiding damage or a stain. If it can’t be covered up, it may be time to hit a bridal store (or even a formal wear store) quickly to get an off-the-shelf replacement. While it may not be the perfect dress you envisioned, remember that the point of this day is to celebrate a union, not to have the perfect outfit.

A Runaway Bride/Groom

Unfortunately, a missing bride or groom isn’t easy to deal with. There are many reasons why one of the participants may choose to bolt at the last minute. It can simply be nerves or some larger issue. If this happens to you, do your best to keep calm and to salvage as much of the event as you can. Do not under any circumstance talk negatively about the missing person—you don’t know what’s going to happen in the near future. Don’t speculate about the reasons for their actions. Instead, thank your guests for coming and keep your explanations brief. Reach out to the missing participant with love and concern, not judgment. This is an extreme scenario, but it’s always best to be prepared in case it happens.

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No one wants to make your special day a disaster, but…..


A Vendor Mishap

This one is distressingly common, yet hard to control. If one of your vendors—the caterer, the florist, or someone else—isn’t able to make your event, it can throw things into a tailspin. The easiest way to deal with this kind of disaster is to figure out how integral they are to the wedding. If it’s something aesthetic, you can replace it on the fly. If it’s something substantial like a caterer, find a quick local catering option to replace them and then get your deposits back after the wedding and honeymoon are over. Focus on the now and worry about the rest later.

The key to handling wedding disasters is to stay calm. React quickly and efficiently to salvage the day, then worry about what comes next after you have your solution. If you can find a short-term solution, you may find getting through the day—and enjoying it—to be much easier.

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