Learn Something New Today About Custom Jewelry

Learn Something New Today About Custom Jewelry

Learn Something New Today About Custom Jewelry

Jewelry is useful as an accessory in an outfit. It helps to bring out the most attractive features of your outfit. You can buy ready-made jewelry or have some custom units made for you.

Custom jewelry is more than just an accessory.

It communicates emotion. It can show love, joy and carry sentiment. By having some jewelry custom made, you can determine the design of the piece that you want. In this way, you can have it look exactly as you desire. Custom jewelry is delicate and feminine. Here is some more about this type of jewelry.

All about custom jewelry

As indicated above, custom jewelry is made according to your personal specifications. In this way, it is different from ready-made jewelry that you can buy directly from the shop. There are two categories of custom jewelry. They are:

  1. Fine jewelry
  2. Fashion jewelry

Fine jewelry is that which is made of stones or metals that are highly precious. Examples of these are diamonds, gold, agate, rubies, platinum and silver. This type can actually increase in value over time. On the other hand, fashion jewelry is not as expensive as fine jewelry. It is bought simply for how it looks. Fashion jewelry is bought so that the wearer can look trendy. It has no resale value like the fine jewelry.

In addition to these, there are a number of types of each category of jewelry. These types are:

  • Personalized jewelry
  • Beads and charms

Personalized jewelry

Personalized jewelry is that which is marked with the name or initials of a person. It can be made by imprinting the name on some custom jewelry. For example, your name can be printed on a custom metal bracelet. Also, a name or initials can be imprinted on a custom signet ring. In this way, it is personalized. Another way to achieve this is by spelling out the name using colored beads or precious stones in the jewelry. Moreover, a pendant can be cast in the desired initial or name of the requester. Some other ways of personalization include adding a date or engraving a short message in your custom jewelry.

Beads and charms

This is a very popular type of custom jewelry. Charm bracelets feature small unique trinkets that are strung together on a chain. These trinkets can commemorate a special event in your life. When making these charm bracelets, you can buy the trinkets separately and add them to the chain with a jump ring. If you want them to hold more firmly on the chain, the jeweler can solder them on it properly in such a way that they cannot come loose. There are charms designed in such a way that they can slide right into a chain. They can have some beads on them. Beads are a popular method of creating customized jewelry. You can find beads made of various materials, such as glass, metal, wood, clay plastic, crystal and acrylic. These normally have a hole in the middle. You can string them together using a piece of string or a chain to create some jewelry.


If you want some jewelry that truly expresses something, go for custom jewelry. It can be made in any way you want. You can even make it yourself. By adding that personal touch, you extend some emotion to the jewelry and this makes all the difference.


Frances Schuman is a jewelry designer. She has experience in making custom and even ready-to-sell jewelry. Her experience spans more than a decade. In addition to that, she displays her custom jewelry in conventions, exhibitions and markets all over the world. She made a valuable contribution to this report.

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