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Most stunning men’s wedding band inspirations …

The domed ring is a simple band which is slightly domed all the way round and usually plain.

Most stunning men’s wedding band inspirations to help you narrow your selection

Men are far more conscious of fashion and the accessories they wear. In fact, it is now common for men to be judged by these extras; this means that every item of jewelry must be assessed and carefully chosen to ensure it reflects your style. Apart from a wristwatch, leather bracelet and the occasional necklace, today’s stylish man can easily wear rings too. Wedding bands in particular, come in a wealth of models.

Here are some cool inspirations:

Domed wedding band

Domed wedding band

The domed ring is a simple band which is slightly domed all the way round and usually plain. It can come in any type of metal. It is a good choice for those who are not used to wearing rings and do not want anything which is considered ‘flashy.’


This is also a simple band with no additional decoration or engravings. However, instead of being domed, the visible side is flat. This can give the ring a contemporary, stylish look and is a good choice for anyone who considers themselves up to date with the latest trends. It is also a good choice for those who do not wish to flaunt their wealth.


The signet ring is the coolest trend in wedding band fashion. Most men like jewelry and accessories that support their masculinity not overpower it. That being said, a signet ring might fit just right on his ring finger. There’s a great variety and models to choose from. Go with a type that’s discreet but at the same time interesting, and have it personalized to give it an air of freshness and originality.


The classic band can be patterned; this can be a twist metal; the merging of two different metals or a pattern engraved into the ring or even a small beading put on the edge of the ring.

The signet ring is the coolest trend in wedding band fashion


A man’s ring is unlikely to match the bling of the bride’s. However, men are increasingly interested in having a little bling. A small diamond or a row of three precious gems can add a touch of sparkle and be a good choice for the fashion conscious modern man. It should be noted that the stones can be easily dislodged if you work with your hands.


Silver is one of the cheapest precious metals which is used to create a wedding ring but it can create a strikingly different look to the contemporary wedding band. It is also a softer metal and can be easily engraved or intricate details added. It does, however, require a little more care than a gold ring.


Rings made with this precious metal will look almost white; it is exceptionally durable and fashionable whilst being the most expensive of the traditional metal choices.


Palladium is a cheaper alternative to Platinum although it has a similar look and durability. It was an exceptionally popular choice in the 1930’s and rings made from this today have a touch of the nostalgic as well as a modern feel.



Tungsten is a very cheap metal but is often used to make men’s rings; including wedding rings.  It is dark gray and often appeals to those who want something different or who are in touch with their inner nerd. It is highly durable and can be created in a variety of styles. It is important to note it weighs more than gold or silver and may feel peculiar to anyone not used to wearing a ring.


This metal is almost unbreakable and is an excellent choice for anyone who works with their hands and does not wish to keep removing or protecting their ring. It has an industrial appearance which makes it a good choice for anyone who does not like to show off or wants to have a rough and ready look.


The traditional choice for a wedding ring is gold. You can choose which quality of carat to have it in and whether to have an ornate design or a simple band. It is shiny and durable and will always stay in fashion. It can be worn by active people with very little risk and is also one of the best choices if you wish to engrave a message into your ring.

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