The Worst Things You can Say to a Bride and Groom

Wedding is mostly an elegant affair. What come may, the dances, the DJs hip hop acts or any other casual aspect attached to it; the wedding culminates on a note of sophistication and romantic feelings. The guests need to be cautious of the fact that it is the celebration of the bride and the groom. They can do it in any way they want to. It can be lavish or it can be simple outfit. Whatever the case is, the guests should always try to avoid these conversational blunders.


– Try avoiding the verbal expression of closeness by telling them your views about lavishness of the ceremony. Keeping mum and appreciating the whole affair in simpler words shall be felt nicely by the couple. Moreover, presenting them with the gift shall be the best possible way of expressing yourself.


– Mocking about the next big thing in couple’s life is simply out of question. First they fell in love and now they are getting married. Their next plan of action is what they need to worry. They do not want others to tell them what should be or what should not be next for them as far as their plans are concerned. It may be buying a house, shifting to a new city or anything that they wish for. Guests should prevent themselves from making any guesses about it.


– Exposing small little naughty truths about your best friend in front of groom may not go well with her since it’s her wedding day and she will be in completely different state of mind. Making petty little jokes about her will bother her in one way or the other. It’s a special day for her so it will be better if you make her feel it that way.


– The bride and the groom are the charms of the wedding ceremony. They are in the limelight and of course are stressed out due to extensive planning and preparation in respect of their wedding to be successful day. Bothering them by asking help for anything will not go well with either. It shall be better to get hold of reps of vendor companies who have worked at the venue and can guide you around. It will be even better to ask those referred in RSVP for any assistance.


– If you know some people who have not been invited, it shall be better to keep mum about it. Asking the bride or the groom about their absence may embarrass them. They might be having their own reasons for not inviting certain people or it may even be that they just forgot. In either of the cases, it’s better to mind your own business.


– It is advisable not to relate the couple with the big night waiting ahead of the wedding ceremony. Making speculation will reveal your casual attitude. Instead make appraisals, raise toasts and appreciate the whole wedding affair as grand event held in the best of the spirits and the manners.

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