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Travelling to India to Attend a Traditional Indian Wedding?

Travelling to India to Attend a Traditional Indian Wedding

Travelling to India to Attend a Traditional Indian Wedding? Here is you should know 

Make Up Your Mind for Before Landing in India

There are two levels of celebrating a wedding; one is how the whole world celebrates it and the other is how Indians do. And trust me, Indians are at the next in this regard.

Indian weddings are not just weddings, there is a hidden world of excitement, colours and celebration in them. If you have never attended an Indian wedding, you are missing out on something very special in your life. However, if you have finally decided to grab the opportunity and attend an Indian wedding, following are some of the unconventional tips for you. Thank me later!

  1. Forget Diet Plans

Travelling to India to Attend a Traditional Indian Wedding

First things first, if you are a food junkie then your days at Indian wedding would be spent in a food heaven. And if you’re not, you will become one because Indian weddings and food is a better love story than Twilight.

Indian weddings are the second name of excitement and are filled with extremely delicious wedding feasts. Moreover, Indian cuisine is very rich in varieties, from appetizers to desserts, every dish is mouth-watering.

Therefore, if you think you can keep up with your teeny-weeny diet plan in India, you are kidding no one but yourself.

  1. Learn How To Carry Heavy Dresses

Travelling to India to Attend a Traditional Indian Wedding

The richness of Indian marriages will inspire you a great deal and you will not be able to resist but love all of it. One of the great attractions in Indian culture is the choice of gaudy dresses. And when it comes to weddings, things become even more interesting.

Indians love to wear embroidered dresses especially on marriages. While staying in a specific dress code, they do not shy away from spending money like water on their heavily embroidered vibrant dresses.

And as the famous proverb goes, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”, you must also wear Indian dress to attend the marriage unless you love to be pointed out. Therefore, if you are a female, you may choose to wear traditional saarhi or lehenga and you will rock. On the other hand, males can simply go for Sherwani or western suits.

  1. Plan Your Vacation Accordingly

 Travelling to India to Attend a Traditional Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are utterly different from western marriages. So, if you think you can get away with it in a couple of vacations, you are wrong. A traditional Indian wedding spans from 3 to 5 days of jam-packed fun.

It all starts from the pre-wedding ceremony of Sagai, which leads to a series of events like Mehendi, Mayun, Mandap and ultimately Reception. And there is usually one ceremony a day which means you will go through a sequence of full of excitement events.

Therefore, you must be on at least a week-long and recommended fifteen days’ vacation or you might have to leave in the middle of it. If you are travelling to India for that long, you might have a lot of luggage with you. To avoid paying ‘pocket breaking’ charges by air line for extra baggage, you can send your luggage by any cargo to India Company like this in advance.

  1. There Is No Discrimination between Days and Nights
Travelling to India to Attend a Traditional Indian Wedding
Travelling to India to Attend a Traditional Indian Wedding

There a few things which you might find as weird, however, they do add the spice to the flavour. One of them is the timings chosen for the rituals. Indians are quite religious people so they believe in the blessings of specific hours. This means you may have to stay awake to attend a ceremony till late or in the early morning.

Moreover, you may find very less time to get some rest since each ceremony is connected to the next. Therefore, make sure you are aware of the timings of the events so that you may plan your rest hours accordingly.

  1. A Flood Of Guests Will Be Waiting For You

Indians are very friendly and social people and this aspect is pretty much evident in their weddings. At a normal Indian wedding, the number of guests at the wedding feast may surpass 500 people. Yes, you read it right! And that is quite normal.

Celebrity or special marriages can even see the guests list rise to thousands. Since you will be a foreign guest, all of those guests will love to meet and talk to you. Therefore, you must be mentally ready how to greet them all. But one thing is for sure, you are going to love it.

“Whoa” is the word that will come out of your lips multiple times while attending the Indian Wedding. Here is a last pro-tip for you; in order to make full use of your visit, do not think yourself as a foreigner and thus, get involved in every activity, eat to your fill, shout your lungs out and make every single moment count because who knows when will you get the chance to visit India again. Good luck and have fun!

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