10 Biggest Wedding Mistakes

10 Biggest Wedding Mistakes

10 Biggest Wedding Mistakes

Every couple wants to have the perfect wedding. However, even the smartest, pragmatic and down-to-the-little-detail couples can commit mistakes at times. Here are the ten biggest mistakes to-be-wed couples often commit.

 1) Blowing off the wedding budget

This is perhaps the worst mistake any couple tends to make. Brides-to-be get too excited and embark on a booking and purchasing frenzy. Eventually, they’ll wonder where have all the money gone to think that they don’t even have half of what they’ll actually need on the wedding day. The need to make a realistic budget and stick to it cannot be emphasized enough, but these are the things that to-be-wed couples need to look into.

 2) Making plans before setting a wedding budget

One way to surely break the bank? Making wedding plans first without even considering the financial parameters. There is nothing more heartbreaking than finding the perfect wedding gown and finding out that you can no longer afford it. To afford it, you need to compromise on other aspects such as trimming the guest list and looking for a smaller venue. Hence, tackle the budget first. Based all other decisions on this without, of course, sacrificing the quality of your choices.

 3) Inviting too many guests

Yet another common mistake that soon-to-wed couples make is the failure to size up the venue and match it with the expected volume of guests. Reception sites disclose their capacities for a reason. They can accommodate up to 10% of the total attendance. This means don’t send 400 invitations and hope that only 250 will accept or show up. You’re running the risk of having a standing room only reception. Tidy up your guest list before you send the invites.

 4) Screwing up the marriage license

Rules surround marital documents and the marriage license is not an exemption. The rules vary depending on which country you are marrying. Generally, the license is only valid in 60 days from the date of issuance. This means you cannot marry on the 61st day. You cannot obtain the license two days before the wedding day, too. Some countries require a three-day waiting period. Then, there are additional requirements if you are marrying for the second time around. Make sure you acquaint yourself with the rules.

 5) Ordering the wedding dress too late

If you’re after a couture wedding gown, you need to order the dress as well as that of your bridesmaids at least six months leading to the big day. Chances are, the gowns will be custom-made overseas. Factor in the shipment and you’ll be needing at least four months for all these. Even if you are getting dresses off-the-rack, you’ll still need at least two months for alterations. Thus, make certain that you have ample time for fittings and necessary changes.

 6) Engaging in last-minute crash diet

Perhaps, you are waiting for the bulge to disappear before you buy the wedding dress. Don’t. Crash diets are so unhealthy, leaving you looking dull, dried out on your special day. The same goes for last-minute beauty makeovers. For instance, don’t get a facial a day before your wedding or your make-up artist will have a hard time concealing the reddish marks on your face. Instead, choose a long-term beauty regimen that includes a good diet, exercise, and lots of sleep.

 7) Signing a misinformed catering contract

One of the most important suppliers is the caterer not just because of the financial impact, but also because it creates the actual wedding experience. Always get the details into writing. Read the fine print. Don’t sign anything unless you are 100% sure that it includes everything that the catering company promised during the meetings.

 8) Micromanaging wedding suppliers

If there’s one thing that the staffers don’t like, it’s micromanaging. Understandably, you want your wedding to be as perfect as possible. But, that’s impossible. There’ll be a thing or two that will not go as planned. Don’t sweat the small stuff is what they say. That’s very true when it comes to weddings. However, to tell your waiters exactly when they should go to the bathroom is absurd. Don’t forget that you are dealing with professionals, some of which have decades of industry experience. Simply, they know what they are doing so need to micromanage.

 9) Providing limited information to the suppliers

Despite the experience though, they completely understand the need to provide high-quality services. For example, when hiring transport services, you need to provide need-to-know details. It means giving not just the exact address of the church and reception, but also the landmarks, shortcuts, expected traffic, etc. Better yet, print out the directions so you can estimate the exact time of arrival.

10) Planning for a long party

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events. However, don’t take the word lifetime too seriously. It’s not a marathon celebration. The entire wedding should only take five to seven hours maximum. Start the wedding comfortably with everyone seated while in the church and end it naturally.

Bottom-line, don’t to expect to have a perfect wedding in the first place. There would be mistakes here and there. However, that doesn’t mean that you and your guests will skip enjoying the event. It’s a wedding. It’s a celebration. So, enjoy!


About Author : Justin is a Filipino blogger, freelance writer and a business enthusiast. He currently writes and blogs for Hizon’s Catering, a top wedding caterer in the Philippines that also cater to any types of events.

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