Creative Ways of Lighting Up your Wedding

Chime in! Lights relates to the power of brightness and the positive energy that it brings along. Lights can also be regarded as the custodian of the ambience they are lit in. Doing lights innovatively can also extract the creative you against all odds and help motivate your ability to do new things your way. Innovation has crept in the props industry and individual’s ability to cope up with ever changing trends depends on the budget and the desire to gain the power of innovation.


Lighting at the wedding forms the integral part of the overall wedding props. The lighting you are planning to employ completely depends on your general mood and the state of mind you anticipate yourself to be in on the day of the wedding.

First thing to consider is whether the ceremony is going to be indoor or outdoor and at what time of the day will the ceremony be going to be held. If the time of the wedding is in the evening, then you would love to see the tables glow. Easiest way of doing is to cluster the candles or the small-sized lights in the center of the table. Placement of the candle can be made distinct either by putting the candles in the crystal transparent bowl or floating the candles in the vases filled with plain or even colored water.

There are many different types of candle lights or LEDs available in the market. Using simple white colored strings, hanging them alongside the floral arrangements gives a unique look to the corner they are displayed in.

Strings of LEDs are available in the market. Using them by twisting them around certain thin pillar-like fixtures will make the whole place resonate an artistic look. This can be done both indoor inside the venues and outdoor where the location owns small trees within it.

The indoor setting gives the option to create a canopy of lights thus eliminating the use of big power consuming spot lights, creating enough lighting of the whole area while giving the beautiful look to the complete venue. Same is applicable for the outdoors but only when the time of the day is post sunset otherwise the glow and the powerful effect they should have created dims out in the backdrop of even a slightly bright sky. However, for the outdoors, the best option may be the use of the chandeliers. They not only add the element of elegance but also sophistication to the overall grandeur of the venue. Illuminating the walls with your favorite colors by using the small lights of your favorite color hidden within some decorative artistic piece.

Lighting creates an invigorating effect to the overall sumptuousness of the venue. Power and bright element that it creates help rejuvenate the overall atmosphere since darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do so.

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