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European Wedding Irish Wedding Traditions

Talk of the European weddings and few common things comes to mind. They are the flowery gazebos, the bride’s white dress, groom’s black tuxedo and the backdrop of lush green grass with a bright blue sky at the top of all. Europe is formed by those countries which have rich culture and traditions. The wedding ceremonies are also affected by these cultured traditions in its own way. Irish wedding seems no different.


It is said that Irish wedding is incomplete without the tunes of Highland Fling and the Stack of Barley in the background. However, since most of the people have been in touch with back pipes, the friends form the group of back pipers and sing the tune of love and happiness.


Irish lace is also the distinct feature of an Irish wedding. Stich the laces to the veil of the white of the gown or even use it to make the border of the handkerchief of the bride.


The Irish toast raised by groom and the bride with the guests circling around them is a typical one. The response of the guests to that toast is also the typical one. This toast is one feature that we see in all the Irish weddings.


The dance ceilidh is another that we find at all the Irish wedding occasions. The dance is generally meant for the bride and the groom but sometimes if the guests know the dance, they would also join in. The bride and the groom are known to have taken lessons well before their wedding to fulfill this tradition and make the Irish wedding a complete delight for all the attendees.


Irish wedding is also famous for various superstitions. It is an age old belief that if the sun, on the wedding day, would shine at the bride it shall bring good luck to the couple. It is also believed to hear cuckoo on the morning of the wedding day. The sight of three magpies is also considered to be good luck.


The claddagh ring is another feature which passes on from one generation to another generation. The claddagh ring is the one which is worn by the groom to the bride. It is considered inappropriate to buy the wedding ring and is measured being against the norm of an Irish wedding.


The Irish soda bread, corned beef and the cabbage is not generally what you crave for. But when at Irish wedding, the feast is comprised of the above three ingredients and is generally considered a delicious treat.


The month of the honey is also found its origin in Irish history. The month following the day of the wedding is filled up by the drink called mead which is made from the fermented honey. The Irish believed that bride and the groom could share the unique brew for a complete full moon and thus came the word or the ritual called the Honeymoon.


It is also said here that all these traditions have been given a modern avatar and the new mix is unique yet traditional and as per the Irish culture.


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