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Eyelash Extensions VS Strip Lashes or Mascara for Your Wedding Day

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The preparation of the brides on their wedding day is quite exciting. Wedding dress, guest list, wedding place, decoration and of course the most important is that the bridal makeup is perfect. The most effective part of makeup is the eyes. The fact that the eyes are beautiful and attractive makes the make-up perfect. Many different applications have been developed for Eyelashes in recent years. Eyelash extensions vs. strip lash are some of these. Both have different forms of application. Although they both add a natural and aesthetic appearance to the eyelashes, their usage patterns are different from each other. Eyelash extensions are a new make-up system that retains 1.5-2 months of effect. It is applied with different methods and provides a natural and stylish look on the eyelashes. Strip lash is an easier and more practical method. It is affixed to the lash part with a special technique and adds naturalness to the lashes. Mascara’s influence should not be forgotten. Mascara is the indispensable makeup accessory for all wedding makeup.

Eyelash Extensions VS Strip Lashes or Mascara for Your Wedding Day
Eyelash Extensions VS Strip Lashes or Mascara for Your Wedding Day

How should we prepare eyelashes for the wedding day?

We explained to you all the options above. You can choose either of them. This completely depends on your budget and style. It is essential that your eyelashes are suitable for these applications. For example, since the structure of some eyelashes is different, no application may be effective at all. You have to choose the best lash salon for such these applications. Whichever application you choose, you should have eyelash care at least 1-2 weeks in advance. Don’t leave it to the last day. Because the effect of eyelash applications is long. Stay away from cheap and poor quality halls. They can turn your most important day into a nightmare. You should disregard an average of $ 200-500 for your eyelashes. It can be difficult to decide on your own. So always consult an expert opinion. The application you’re dreaming of may not be suitable for you. Or different methods can be applied. Eyelash specialists are the ones who know it best. Don’t play with your eyelashes. Do not take action alone. Otherwise, you can cause irreparable damage to your lashes. Especially if you are thinking about the wedding day, you should pay more attention and start preparations early.

Best eyelash solution for wedding day

In fact, you can decorate your own eyelashes and make them ready for the wedding day. But you may need to try different methods for unusual and perfect eyelashes. Eyelash extensions for the wedding is a method that many brides want. It is ideal for those who are on a budget and who want to create a different style on the wedding day. Since this is a new trend, it may be difficult to find professional lash salons that do this in your area. You can get help from the internet in this regard. On the happiest day of your life, you can try this method to make yourself feel different.

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