How Can I Make the Most of out of My Wedding Photographer

How Can I Make the Most of out of My Wedding Photographer?

How do you view wedding photography? This is a question I like asking friends as they prepare for the big day. Many people view it differently and that is why it is important that we consider it today. I am a wedding photographer and at least two out of eight of the clients I meet do not even have it in their plans. Are you surprised by this? If you are not surprised then your perception of this subject needs to be adjusted also. Wedding photography is a very important aspect of a wedding that should always be among your top priorities. Let me tell you the reasons behind this assertion.

Why Wedding Photography is important

It is important that you live the memories of your wedding. The best way to keep these memories is by means of wedding photos. How long can wedding photos last to you? I think it will depend on how well you keep them. It is now 24 since I wedded and our wedding photos are still, very clean and clear just as we received them from the photographer.  The point is the photos can last for a lifetime. Now compare that with other events in your priority. You are likely to spend too much on the flowers. It is okay. Look for the best florist out there for this occasion.

Nevertheless, if you are considering eliminating wedding photography because of financial constraints, think twice. The flowers are very important but will wilt and become meaningless right after the occasion. Why not cut the cost here? You need to be very pragmatic while planning. There are so many areas you may need to reexamine your priorities. Here is another one – the reception. Will you prefer very expensive refreshments at the expense of photography? That would be unwise.

In light of the above, it is very important to have wedding photography in your plans. It is absolutely unreasonable to quote costs as the reason for eliminating this event. In fact, if you shop around, you will find photographers such as Wure, who really reasonably. Having talked about this, it is important now to examine what you can do to reap the maximum benefits from your wedding photographer.

Get the Best out Your Wedding Photographer

Incontrovertibly, wedding photography is one of the greatest investments of your big day. With many years of experience, there are several factors that have helped me be successful. I am going to share with you at least five tips that can help you reap the maximum benefits from your photographer. Follow these suggestions and you will love the quality of the photos you will receive and the. In fact, the quality of the photos will reflect the true value of the money invested in this event.

•    Follow your schedule. I go behind the schedule; you are going to compromise the number of photos you are likely to receive. You know how stressful delays may turn out to be. Do not allow for that. Undeniably, there are other things that will happen and force you to readjust the plans. Have some extra time in your schedule and will be better off still even when unforeseen occurrences arise. Which activity do you think is likely to consume more time than planned? I will tell you hair along with make-up is the most notorious here. So be careful with such small things that may demand too much time than what you may have anticipated. Think of the possibility of late flowers or an important thing being forgotten and allow extra time between each event while planning.

•    Start early. I get perturbed whenever I see couples start readying themselves later than planned. Why? Because lateness will limit so many things including the total shoots. Again, additional time to cater for unforeseen in during your wedding day. The earlier you get ready; the more photos will be taken. From experience, there is a significant difference between the number of photos captured between individuals who start late and those who begin early enough. So then, begin everything as early as possible. This will give you a feeling of relaxation and will accommodate any issue that may come up.

•    Get the First Look. First looks are exceptionally intimate and singular. The couples are often allowed a few moments alone. The first look should always happen in a quiet area, far from the guests, the family members and members of the bridal party. The first look is the most effective way of leveraging time for this big day. Having it earlier grants the photographer the freedom to shoot many of the portrait photos that often take place once the ceremony is over. Besides, it will make it easier for you to transition from the ceremony to the reception quite faster. This means the guest will not have to spend too much time waiting for couples to be introduced.

•    Do not forget the light. Photographers love appropriate light. It is important that you schedule a time for portraits at the appropriate time, the golden hour. This should be right before the sunset and usually brings stunning, warm and suitable light. At noon, the sun is usually right above us and this leads to heavy and unflattering eye shadows. If you must take your portraits at noon or around that time, make sure there is sufficient shade where the photographer can comfortably work in.

•    Have a secondary photographer. It requires a lot of effort for a photographer to work singlehandedly the whole day. Therefore, like look for a photographer out there, try to find the one having a second photographer. This will also help you with an extra number of images. Assisting the primary photographer will definitely speed up the workflow.


How can you reap the maximum benefits from your photographer? Well, we have discussed at least five ways. Always use these suggestions and you will benefit significantly. Wedding photography is so important. Do not eliminate in your plans even if you face financial difficulties, rather plan in advance. We wish you the best.

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