Honeymoon trends 2014

Your Wedding is behind you. It is time to relax and spend time together.

I have some Honeymoon infos for you:

The honeymoon! Your first vacation as newlyweds, a once-in-a-lifetime trip to indulge on just for two! But where to go? What to do? We’ve got some hot honeymoon trends to consider if you want that unforgettable getaway.



That’s short for glamorous camping! It’s great for those who love the great outdoors but want a little luxury too and for couples who want an active honeymoon. It’s a way to experience the splendor of the outdoors without forgoing the creature comforts you can’t live without. Whether in a tent, dorm, airstream or treehouse, it’s luxury camping on a grand scale. You can go fishing, horseback ride, hike, mountain bike, rock climb white water raft and even take archeological tours of the nearby desert.



If you are an adventure seeker, then you’re in luck, are all the rage so your options are growing! This is for those who lead an active lifestyle and can’t imagine doing nothing on a beach for a week. You could hit a city and see a sporting event, go on safari and stay at one of the luxury tent camps, do a bike tour of a foreign country, take a helicopter to the top of a glacier, or even dive the Great Barrier Reef. Anything on your bucket list can be on your honeymoon checklist!



For the utmost privacy and to get away from the big hotel chains, consider renting a villa instead! Private owners or villa rental companies will help you find the best place for you. You can typically book with staff or without (chefs, butlers, housekeeping and even activities directors). This travel style is very private and great for both people who want lazy days or highly active schedules. Europe or the Caribbean are peppered with private villas for your honeymoon pleasure, but really anywhere in the world you’ll find homes you can rent by the week for the trip.



If being left alone in a villa is not for you, then consider a luxurious five star hotel comfort with all the details are thought for you. All you need to do is to be with your new spouse and enjoy your honeymoon. Get a massage together, have some drink in the jakuzi, eat fantastic meals. But don’t forget for this kind of honeymoon you have to pay some of the money forward so you need to check the hotel carefully beforehand and work with a trustworthy travel agency to avoid unpleasant surprises.



And if you do have time for a longer honeymoon, then consider travelling all around a country! It’s a great chance to see a whole region in one part of the world. You can travel by tour or package to save some money and see lots of different scenery to keep things interesting for the active traveler. This long honeymoon will energize you before you start your own journey as a married couple.

Some honeymoon destinations



Who could ask for a better honeymoon destination than Paris, “The City of Love”. Its iconic monuments like the Eiffel Tower, museums like the Louvre and landmarks like the Notre Dame Cathedral are certain to dazzle visitors. However, even more spectacular than the sights is Paris’ rich culture found in its charming boulevards, cozy cafes and bustling bistros. This grand city is the perfect destination for an incredibly romantic honeymoon. For honeymooners looking for a truly authentic experience, the latest trend is to bypass the predictability of a hotel in favor of renting a luxury apartment. If you truly want to experience the city and spread your wings, renting an apartment is an excellent way to have a truly authentic experience



İstanbul even Paris is known to be the most romantic city in the world İstanbul has its own mystical aura. All the history, countless sights, the night life, you can see the sun almost everyday in every season, and the amazing view of bosphorus. Moreover the hospitability of people will surprise you. The hotels are less expensive and comfortable than many other Europian countries. According to your budget you can also stay in pensions or guest houses. It would be a perfect destination for your honeymoon.



Thailand is known as the land of smiles and with good reason; the people are genuinely welcoming and hospitable. Thailand is also blessed with some of the best hotels in the world, all full of character in wonderful locations. Combine this with a warm welcome and Thailand represents a wonderful honeymoon destination.


Greek Islands

If you think of a dream honeymoon in the sun, golden beaches, crystal-clear water, tanning beneath a hot sun, delicious cocktails and luxury hotels will all add a little extra shine to your memories of your wedding ceremony. You can take a guided tour around Santorini, Mykonos, Sifnos and Folegandros. Santorini has a beauty found nowhere else in the world, while Mykonos is bustling and cosmopolitan. Sifnos offers a host of things to do to relax, yet Folegandros has somehow managed to escape the effects of mass tourism.


New Zealand

It is perfect for couples who enjoy active, outdoor adventures paired with a refined, luxury resort. Land of the Long White Cloud, New Zealand tops Google’s list of trending honeymoon destinations and with good reason. There are gorgeous beaches for swimming and sunbathing, freshwater lakes for fishing, fast-moving rivers for rafting, breathtaking fjords to explore, and mountains to climb. There’s even a region of active volcanoes. New Zealand is also the only place on earth where you can see flightless birds like the kakapo and kiwi.

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