When you make the decision to marry your partner, you don’t make the decision lightly

How to Make Your Wedding Personal to You

How to Make Your Wedding Personal to You

When you make the decision to marry your partner, you don’t make the decision lightly. It’s going to be a huge change for both of you, so it’s something you need to plan and prepare for properly.

Making your wedding personal to you stops it from being exactly the same as all of the others you’ve been to. You’ll have a day that really means something to you, rather than a day full of meaningless traditions. This guide will give you some ideas:

Get Rid of the Traditions That Don’t Appeal to You

You can’t expect your wedding day to be personal to you at all if you’re going along using traditions that don’t even mean anything to you. Rather than use these traditions for the sake of it, make sure you only use the traditions that actually mean something. Old traditions say that the bride and groom shouldn’t see one another before the wedding. However, many couples are choosing to dismiss this tradition in favour for some quiet alone time together before the big day!

Wear What You Like

For your wedding to be personal to you, you need to wear clothes that you feel represent you. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a big princess dress, don’t wear one. It doesn’t matter.If you have Scottish heritage, make sure your husband wears a kilt. If you’re wondering where to buy a kilt, you can find them online!  All that matters is that you feel comfortable and ready to have the best day of your life!

Invite the Most Important People

Don’t invite every single person you’ve ever come into contact with. Invite the people who mean the absolute most to you. The people you know are genuinely happy to share your joy with you. This might mean having a smaller wedding, but smaller weddings can mean so much more than bigger weddings.



Include Your Personality

You and your other half should definitely include your personality in your wedding. If one of you is a big football fan, then maybe you could have football club names on your tables rather than table numbers. If one of you loves ballroom dancing, have some for entertainment. Everybody has their own little quirks and things that they love, so make sure you include some of those things in your big day to make it mean more to you.

Get Creative

Get creative with your wedding. Make some of the decoration to save money and put your own touch to it. There are lots of tutorials online that will help you. Some brides are even making their own flowers out of paper, rather than splash out on ridiculously expensive blooms!

Ask for More Help from Friends and Family

Why not get your family and friends involved even more in the big day? Someone could be the videographer, someone else could do a reading. Someone could perform a song. Whatever your family and friends are good at, find ways to get them involved. It’ll make the day all the more meaningful.

Good luck!

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