Wedding rings bear many different symbols.

Wedding rings – best means for communicating your heart felt feelings

Wedding rings – best means for communicating your heartfelt feelings

Wedding rings bear many different symbols.

These bands tie two people in sacred matrimony for all eternity; they symbolize love, devotion, respect, and commitment, and every couple is well aware of that fact. Whereas some people choose to have the name of their spouse engraved on the wedding band; others would rather have a love message etched to remind them of why they got married, and how much the marriage means to them.

Wearing wedding rings in public

Wearing wedding rings in the public eye shows that you’re devoted to your spouse and to the concept of marriage. When you go out and you meet people, many will first look to see if you have a ring on your finger. This way they’ll know how to address you and how to behave in your presence. Wedding bands exude stability; the person wearing them is part of a family and it fully committed to that family.

Wearing wedding rings 24/7

Some spouses never take off their wedding rings. Whether they’re at work or within the household, they choose to wear their bands because it reminds them of the person standing beside them; it has sentimental value and for some, the wedding ring is part of their body and soul. Wearing it 24/7 is a clear sign that no matter what happens in your daily life (good or bad) there will always someone there for you to give you a hand and help you stand up.

Marriage is an entity, and for the wife and husband, it should be THE eternal connection; the unbreakable connection that makes you complete. The wedding band is tangible proof of the concept of marriage, and it will constantly remind you of your spouse whether she’s right there next to you, or a couple of miles away.

it is a symbol of love, a symbol of devotion and a sacred item for both you and your spouse. Women can wear signets as wedding bands too.

A visual symbol

Wedding bands are a symbol of love, commitment, compromise, respect and more. It is meant to tell you that your spouse is your destiny. When holding hands the rings touch each other, it will once again remind you that you’ve made a promise and that you should never break that promise. In terms of design, wedding rings are extremely varied. Some couples don’t want theirs to be overly flashy. Let’s not forget that we’re talking about a band with sentimental value. Nevertheless, women have different tastes than men.

Women like their wedding bands to match their engagement ring. It shouldn’t be more extravagant than the latter; that’s a golden rule. Men, on the other hand, prefer bulkier wedding bands that exude masculinity and rank. Right now, a very cool trend targets signets. Signet rings are no longer super-sized and worn on the little finger. The model has been adapted and made perfectly for a wedding band. Instead of a bulky crest, the top of the signet features a well-crafted engraving. Since it’s your wedding band, you can have your spouse’s name engraved, or a symbol that can remind you daily of why you married her.

Wedding bands are symbol of love, commitment, compromise, respect and more. Wedding rings bear many different symbols.

Women can wear signets as wedding bands too. However, in their case, the ring is not that thick, and it doesn’t feature a crest either. It might, however, feature diamonds of precious stones to make it stand out. As for the material of your wedding bands, yellow gold is back in style. Make sure it’s qualitative gold so that it lasts in perfect conditions for decades.

How much value does your wedding ring have? It should be priceless and it should make you feel happy and fulfilled. At the end of the day, it is a symbol of love, a symbol of devotion and a sacred item for both you and your spouse.

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