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5 Maid of Honor Duties to Memorize for the Wedding Day

5 Maid of Honor Duties to Memorize for the Wedding Day

The bride will be just a little busy on her wedding day, which is why it’s a good idea for maids of honor to know these day-of to-dos.

In every wedding, the bride is most likely be busy worrying about a dozen things, that’s why the bride needs her maid of honors to save the day. Here are 5 duties for the maid of honor to memorize to help the bride capture her perfect moment wedding.

The maid of honor duties never stops on the day of the wedding. Its start way before the big day helping in the preparation of the wedding itself, your duties start with helping the bride have a peaceful worry free wedding day that went as smooth as possible.

Without any further dues, here are the 5 things to always remember.

1. The first thing to remember is to make sure that everyone stays on track  especially the bride by having her hair makeup done in time and everyone looks fabulous

The Maid of honor duties start in the party itself, and we all know that ladies sometimes takes forever to finish that last touch of makeup. Step in and let everyone one know that time is limited and the party needs to go on in time.

2. The nightmare of every bride is having her dress ripped or something rip it. Be aware of any sharp objects around.

The emergency kit is your go to, keep it around for times when it comes handy. Sometimes things can go out of hands like having a zipper break or a button pop. Keep in hand a needle.

Sometime stain can be another nightmare with those white beautiful wedding dresses. Make sure the bride look at her best before she walks down the aisle.

3. Learn how to bustle the gown fast for the wedding day.

You can learn that easily the night before if you don’t really know how to bustle the gown, but make sure that you do it at least a dozen of time before the wedding day to train your mind, this will help you to jump right into bustle that gowns in a lightning bullet.

5 Maid of Honor Duties to Memorize for the Wedding Day
5 Maid of Honor Duties to Memorize for the Wedding Day

4. Make sure the bride is not starving herself throughout the wedding day.

We all know how exciting the wedding day can be, especially for the bride where all she thinking about is everyone else but not her own. Skipping breakfast might be okay but staying for hours without a proper meal can drain her energy. Keep a granola bar at hand to feed the bride between times. And make sure to refresh her with a glass of water.

One last thing, remember to feed her, get her a plate from the buffet.

5 Maid of Honor Duties to Memorize for the Wedding Day
5 Maid of Honor Duties to Memorize for the Wedding Day

5. Be the flower maid of honor. Take credit of all those beautiful bouquets.

Coordinate with the florists in details, take ownership of those important tasks. Find out the time those fresh beautiful flowers will be delivered. And make sure to hand out each corsage, bouquet, and boutonniere. Make sure the flowers look fresh. Remember the Alter itself, take the bridal bouquet and return it back to her before the recessional walk.

Photos are courtesy of Perfect Moment photography studio in Sydney, from the beautiful wedding of April and Mitchell.

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