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How to Pick a Wedding Gift That Will Stand out from the Crowd

How to Pick a Wedding Gift That Will Stand out from the Crowd

How to Pick a Wedding Gift That Will Stand out from the Crowd

The click it and forget it convenience of the wedding registry is tempting in today’s busy world.

But if you’d like to give the bride and groom something memorable, you have to think outside the toaster oven.

Here are four ideas that may earn you the sincerest thank you note in the stack.

1. Give a Delightful Diversion

The happy couple will likely receive a mountain of material things. Break from the norm and buy them an experience instead. The key is choosing something personal. An artistic couple might enjoy a mini-course in painting or photography. Surprise music lovers with tickets to see their favorite band. Add VIP passes if budget allows. Cooking and wine-tasting classes for food and wine connoisseurs are great choices for fun-seeking newlyweds.

2. Enhance Their Honeymoon

If you know where the lovebirds will be jetting off to after the marital celebration, your one-of-a-kind gift could be there waiting for them. Surprise the resort-bound with a luxurious spa package for two. Alternatively, make their actual travel experience more enjoyable by calling their airline and arranging for the gift of a seating upgrade. They’ll never forget you if you fly them first class.

3. Bestow Something for the Home

If your heart is set on a giving a physical object, make it one that will be treasured. For a young couple moving into their first home, a hand-painted reproduction of a famous work of art may start their collection off in the right direction. Musicians will cherish a vintage music cabinet, while avid readers will appreciate an antique bookcase. Finally, his and hers silver jewelry boxes and armoires are timeless pieces that often have the option of being personalized.

4. Curate a Collection of Keepsakes

Nothing says you care quite so much as a gift that is handmade. Handpick ten items for inclusion in a time capsule that preserves the couple’s special day. A copy of a newspaper from the day of the wedding, the album that is #1 on the Billboard chart, and a photograph of the couple from when they first met are among the special items you can include. House the items in a unique container that complements their taste.

Weddings are a great opportunity to revive what is sometimes a dying art—the art of gift giving. Take the time to choose a gift that has a personal meaning. The recipients will remember your thoughtfulness for years to come.

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