For an unforgettable marriage proposal

For an unforgettable marriage proposal

For an unforgettable marriage proposal

One of the most important moments of our lives is marriage. For this special ceremony, preparations start months ago. For the best of everything, the smallest detail is considered. Marriage rings are also very important for an unforgettable marriage proposal as well. It’s a sacred gift that you can’t take off from your finger forever. Although it is not very important for men, it is the most important detail for women. Diamond wedding rings represent nobility, strong love and devotion. This is why round cut diamonds and Princess cut diamonds are usually used in wedding rings.

How to choose marriage rings?

You need to use rings that suit you and not only for your wedding but also for daily use. The Shape of each finger may be different. Thick, thin or crooked fingers can be seen differently in each ring. The fact that the wedding ring is diamonds makes the woman happier. Diamond is special jewelry for women. If you don’t know How to choose marriage rings, we will give some tips for this. Leave the first decision to the woman. Their observations, tastes, and ideas are always different. They can make the best choice of rings. Then decide if the ring will be round cut or princess cut. This depends entirely on your budget and your personal taste. This ring is selected only once and will never change again. It stays forever as a memory. So when you choose, we recommend that you consider it in detail.

Round cut diamonds

Do you remember when we talked about rule 4C? 4C is an important rule for diamonds. Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat. Round cut diamonds are oval cut off. Usually used on rings or pendants. This is one of the most preferred ring models in the choice of diamond wedding rings. It is one of the best-selling product because it is compatible with every finger, its price is appropriate, its elegant and aesthetic appearance and quality. More simply, this ring is the most important detail of marriage ceremonies.

Princess cut diamonds

This is another diamond ring model with different cut type. Princess cut diamonds, especially in recent years has been used more widely and became a trend. There are many ways to cut diamonds. You can see dozens of different cuts like round cut, oval cut, Marquise cut, Pear cut, heart cut, Baguette cut, princess cut, Asscher cut, cushion cut, radiant cut. In terms of preference, princess-cut is in the second place after the round cut, because of the number of facets, has a very intense sparkle. It has a modern appearance.

Diamond Marriage Rings

The price of the diamond may vary depending on the cutting, carat, and the color of the stone used. The price of a diamond that looks very nice to the eye may be cheaper than a diamond that you don’t like at all. To be able to evaluate the price, you must get support from a diamond expert. The information we provide for princess cut diamonds and round cut diamonds does not apply to other cutting diamonds. Because the contents, price and usage area of all are different. When choosing a wedding ring and you want it to be a diamond, you have to take some time to investigate it. Don’t worry, there are so many options that you will have difficulty choosing between them. Because every cutting style has its own unique difference. You can definitely make a choice according to your budget. When you purchase diamond marriage rings, we recommend that you choose according to rule diamond 4C.

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