The Groom's Guide To a Wedding Suit

The Groom’s Guide To a Wedding Suit

The Groom’s Guide To a Wedding Suit

It is leading up to your special day where you say the words “I Do” to your future wife. We imagine that during all of this process, you have been very stressed, trying to get everything sorted for your big day. During this, you have probably forgotten about one of the most important parts of your wedding day and that is your wedding suit. Here is a guide to picking the wedding suit for your special wedding day. 

Things To Consider Before Your Wedding

Whatever you do, do not leave this to the last minute as this is going to cause a lot of unnecessary stress before your big day. You need to be planning this at least two to three months before your wedding day. The reason for this is because you need to take into consideration the time it takes to make your wedding suit as well as if you need it resized. If the place that you are going to for your wedding suit is popular, you will more than likely need to book an appointment. 

For this day, we would advise that you buy a suit over renting it. Not to mention that it allows you to wear it again after your wedding day. Furthermore, it is going to be personalized for you which makes the suit even more special because it isn’t a rental. This is your special day, so you want to make everything else special with it and not generic.

This wedding suit is going to be one of the best suits that you are ever going to own. This allows you to reuse it in special places such as professional events, interviews, business meetings, and other formal events. Plus, it should be easy to wear with other shoes, shirts, and ties that you already own. 

What Are The Basics That You Need To Know With Groom Dressing

There are a few things that you are going to need to remember for your outfit. Furthermore, there are several styles that you can wear for your wedding, depending on the time of day your wedding is. 

For a morning wedding, this is going to be formal and it will usually consist of a morning coat or maybe a half morning coat along with a waistcoat, trousers, and smart shoes. A tailcoat may also be required if this is something that is part of your tradition. For weddings after 6 PM, we would suggest you wear a tuxedo. It is a suit that is very formal and looks great in your wedding photos, especially if all of your other groomsmen are wearing one as well. 

Finally, you have the traditional three-piece that is a suit that you cannot go wrong with. Everything is going to be made to measure with this suit so make sure you leave yourself plenty of time for them to make it. A three-piece will consist of a blazer, a waistcoat, and a pair of trousers. There are many variations of a three-piece suit so make sure that you browse all of your options to see which color and style suits you best. 

What Accessories Should Be Worn With a Wedding Suit

Accessories are very important for your wedding suit. A mistake that a lot of groomsmen will make is wearing a belt. These are going to be tailored to you and your size so you should not require a belt. Plus, it ruins a perfectly designed suit and image for your wedding photos. If you do require something to keep your pants held up then wear braces. That way, the braces can be hidden under your waistcoat or blazer. 

Cufflinks are a must for your shirt as you will be wearing a shirt for your special day. Furthermore, it adds another level of class to your outfit. Seen as it is your special day, make sure you go all out as you want to look smart. 


There’s your guide to wearing the perfect suit for your wedding day. It is a difficult choice to make when you are wearing a suit for your special day. One thing that we do suggest is that you take your best man with you, so they can advise you on what you should wear. It is time to put away that tracksuit and dress with style.

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