4 Common Wedding Planning Problems and How to Solve Them

4 Common Wedding Planning Problems and How to Solve Them

4 Common Wedding Planning Problems and How to Solve Them

The thing about wedding planning is that one moment it can be going all fun and great and the next moment you’re wailing your eyes out because all the stress you’ve been accumulating has caused you to break down. There, there dry your tears. Things are not as bad as they seem. Wedding planning stress just tends to make you see mountains where there are molehills. It makes things that you’d have solved in the blink of an eye on a good day, looks like it’ll be the stone to bring the glasshouse that is your wedding crashing down.

So that’s why I’ve decided to help with this. In this article, I’ve listed out 4 common problems that rear their heads during wedding planning and tend to stress out couples. In reality, they’re really very easy to solve and I hope that my post gets you out of that funk and ready to move forward.

1. I Don’t Know What Looks Good on Me

Yes, you do Hun! They’re in your closet as your favorite dresses. So, before you go shopping, take a peek into your closet. Put all your favorite clothes together in one place. What do they have in common? Is it the material? When you find that out, aim for a wedding dress that uses the same. Add some sparkle in your head, a daring neckline, something to show that beautiful ring that you hopefully got from EraGem and boom! You have a great picture of what your perfect wedding gown looks like in your head.

4 Common Wedding Planning Problems and How to Solve Them
4 Common Wedding Planning Problems and How to Solve Them

2. My Mom Has Made Herself My Unofficial Wedding Planner

Tsk, tsk, tsk. This one can be aggravating. As much as you want to ask her to get off your back, you also recognize that this is an emotional rollercoaster for her too and that deep down, she really wants to help. Or maybe your mom just likes taking over your life and not letting you breathe! Whichever it is, the solution is simple. Assign her a massive task that is so time-consuming that she’ll have zero time to micromanage your wedding planning.

An example of a task like mentioned above is to ask her to compile a list of the best local hotels for out of town guests around you. She’ll have to pay a personal visit or virtually tour them all to check out the facilities and endorse them. That means less time where she’s with you asking awkward questions.

3. Everyone Wants to Come Dress Shopping

Well, they can’t. Especially not now with the coronavirus pandemic lurking! You’ll have to go with a limited number of people and they should only be people that you completely trust. Also, try to make the people who you know have your best interests at heart. My advice? When you do go, try to stay true to yourself. Don’t get bamboozled into getting a gown that you don’t like. The thing about your perfect wedding dress is that when you try it on, you’ll know. Also, make sure you go for a gown you are comfortable in.

4. No One Understands What I Want

As frustrating as this is, have you tried using images? When speaking with your wedding vendors, whether your florist, hairdresser, caterer or cake maker, use images. People understand things better when you have images to show them what you need. You can find relatable and great images on an app like Pinterest to help with your explanations.

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