Planning a Wedding That Celebrates All Kinds of Couples

Planning a Wedding That Celebrates All Kinds of Couples

Love is Love: Planning a Wedding That Celebrates All Kinds of Couples

First things first, congratulations on your engagement! It must be so exciting planning and celebrating your love story and cultivating a joyous celebration with friends, family, and everyone in between, but with so many traditions surrounding weddings from different religions, cultures, and just societal expectations, it can put you in a box and feel restricting to some people. Who is to say that you can’t do a little bit of everything? It is your and your partner’s day, and you should be allowed to celebrate it however you want.

Fear not! We have heard your cries and we think planning a wedding that celebrates all kinds of couples is very manageable and even more so now because we have put together a guide for you so you can ensure that there isn’t a basis covered. Here are some tips to ensure your special day not only reflects the love you share but also creates a welcoming atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.


Language matters, especially if you are marrying someone with friends and family from different cultural backgrounds. But also, you want to be as inclusive as possible With modern-day expectations to take into account people’s genders, it would be easier on invitations to address people more generally to ensure no one is upset or uncomfortable. In terms of language, you could invite people in their native language to show you not only see them but also appreciate them!

Remaining inclusive, also means being respectful, especially when it comes to your partners or your family values and traditions, so making sure that there is nothing inappropriate that could upset anyone is key to having a fun-filled day.

It’s Your Guys Love Story

It’s important that you don’t get lost in what would make everyone else feel comfortable; finding that balance can be difficult but very manageable. Finding a ceremony that reflects both of you and embodies everything you love should be fun and tell your unique stories. As we have learned, there is no one-size-fits-all wedding, and nothing is better than showcasing your authentic love to all of your family and friends. This, in turn, would also celebrate all kinds of couples because you are being authentic in front of the people you wish to share in the love.

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All Kinds Of Music

By fusing multiple cultures, religions, and personalities, you want both families to be represented as equal parts of the marriage. Curate a playlist that is as diverse as your guest list is, and if you are feeling extra free with the music, why not offer your guests, maybe, at each table, to queue up one song of their choice? This way, everyone is represented, but you also get to share in some of the love from your friends and family.

Forget the wedding party structure; you should feel free to have whoever you want standing next to you at the altar, or maybe you decided you don’t want to have anyone else, which is also completely fine. We all know how stressful bridal politics are and sometimes it’s just too much stress worth having.

Embrace Both Beauty and Diversity

From a personal perspective, one of my friends is having a curtly infused wedding, where the ceremony people are wearing fabric that her family deems as significant. The whole wedding party is getting involved and showing their respect and love for her family but they also have the option to change into something else after the ceremony, which I thought was a mutual respect thing but also shows respect for both sides.

Allowing your guests to also express themselves is a huge factor in bringing out an amazing atmosphere, you want to make sure that not only you enjoy yourself but your guests are having fun and are comfortable. So fusing both cultures in such a way is beautiful but also respectful to both sides.

I always find it crazy when people are so restrictive at weddings, apart from the wearing white factors I don’t see why it would be an issue for people to not wear what they feel comfortable in because we all know there is no upstaging the bride. Whether your guests want to be respectful to the tradition of their family wearing a black abaya or wish to wear a baby doll dress you should let your guests buy something they will wear again.

Catering is also a huge one in that having a menu that not only caters to all but is something delicious, can put a lot of pressure on you as people are vegan, veggie, and gluten-free that is just a sprinkle of what couples need to consider. So do your best to have a neutral standpoint for food options but also incorporate each other’s likes.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to planning a wedding that is inclusive to all it can be too much but it’s still very manageable. I would always recommend that you get some help but also consider a small ceremony so things like this aren’t an issue. Being open and free about other things will allow you to let loose and allow everyone to have the best time celebrating the love.

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