Buy a candelabra for your home

Buy a candelabra for your home

Silver candelabras: 6 unique ways to use it!

Buy a candelabra for your home … Silver candelabras are the antique pieces of candle holders that have found their place in the households. If you have panache and liking for the antique goods, you must not let go off the candelabras. Enriched with exquisite designs and notable historical importance, they adorn the ambiance of your house. Having a unique design and exquisite artwork, they add a distinct quotient of beauty to your home. Taking you on time travel, you can experience the retro era, with the presence of the ethnic candelabras in your home.

Let us know about the history of the candelabra and specifically, the unique ways to use it.

History of silver candelabras

Candelabras reflect the distinct designs of the places of their origin. Mostly inspired by the Roman culture, they are an exquisite combination of the lamps and candle holders. The artistic designs and sculpts on the silver candelabras reflect the inspiration behind the design.

The origin of the candelabras dates to as long as 400 BC. Drawing its resemblance to that of a tree with many branches, the candelabras reflect the branches of the light. Moreover, the design of the silver candelabras gave them a space in the dining table, in early history. Both as a source of light and a reflection of beauty, the candelabras have found prime history in history.

Uses of silver candelabras 

The candelabras can be used for lightninging the room. With various branches spanning out of the central branch, they offer a large host of space for the candles or the electric lights. You can use the candelabra in the following 3 places that can accentuate the beauty of your room:


  • Over the dinner table: If you wish to turn the keys of time in the reverse direction, you must look forward to having it on the dinner table. In spite of the large size, the candelabras over the dining table can be a source of light and add aesthetic beauty to the table.
  • On the dressing table: Grow the room’s beauty by placing one on the dressing table. While taking family pictures, they add an element of height to the picture.
  • On the entry hallway: What could be a better place to add a tincture of glamour to your home than the hallway! Give your home a relishing makeover, by placing them on the entry hallway.
  • Flower-full candelabra: You can decorate your candelabra by using wonderful flowers. Making it as a resting place for a host of flowers makes a difference to your home and its aura.
  • Creating wonderful artforms: If you have a Halloween nearby, you must get ready to make exciting art form using the candelabras. There are various DIY art forms that can be made. They add an essence of beauty, charm, and mystery. The forms of art would need acrylic paints, gums, candlesticks, and black beads. You can make them look as scary as you can to enjoy your Halloween using the candelabras. Making them is super-easy!
  • On the entry table: If you wish to give your guests a wonderful time travel to the times from the vault, it is an exciting way. The candelabra when placed at the entry table add a unique fervor of glamour and glory to your room.

 Buy a candelabra for your home

Buy candelabras online
Buy candelabras online

Add an element of retro lifestyle to your home and decorate it with the beautiful candles for special occasions, using the candelabras. There are various designs of candelabra on silver materials, reflecting the culture. With varying sizes and uses, you can use it to add a unique value to your home. Candelabras accentuate the beauty and ensure that you stay in touch with the retro culture.

Even if they are new to your culture, it is always a wise decision to have them in your homes. For the sake of the excellent decoration of your come, you must not miss the excitement. You can make a number of designs using them too. Make floral designs using the candelabras and hang them over at your entry hallway to add beauty. If you have not yet bought it till now, don’t wait any longer! Buy the best designs of candelabras now!

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