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Easy Methods to Toss a Teenage Party Without Booze

Ensuring a fun teen party but without booze.

Easy Methods to Toss a Teenage Party Without Booze

Do you want to throw a teenage party without booze? Well, some people will say good luck with that. But this is how it is supposed to be, right? Sometimes the urge to experiment overpowers reason, and we end up having them drink while treating them as young adults or mini-adults. We end up allowing them to go to the extent of taking strong drinks like vodka. It’s understandably tricky to hold a party for the teens while withholding the privilege of having alcoholic drinks around. Well, it is comparatively easier to host a party with high vibes involving adults, for there are many things that you can focus on while sober, mainly connecting with the rest of the attendees. It's even
harder to get willing teens to say those 18 years and above to come to booze-free parties lest it's a church initiative. This article, having recognized what is at stake, recommends the following methods in ensuring a fun teen party but without booze.

It is a great idea

The first step is to convince yourself and others that this indeed is a great idea and that you would not compromise the plan for those that are not comfortable with the arrangement. Firstly, ask yourself, what is a party? It is popularly defined as an experiment of getting new connections through meaningful conversations and dance and in the process of making lifelong relationships. Parties allow individuals to strike lifetime friendships and connections that matter in life. Some people usually attend parties because of those in attendance and not to have drinks and food. They attend parties looking to be cared for, to be loved. It would be best if you exploited these sacred reasons when planning or organizing such a party. People can have drinks and food in their homes; therefore, you need to give these teens another reason to be at the party, not necessarily enjoying booze.

Prepare your guests on the contents on the menu

The intention of the party should be put out there before the party is convened. Your friends should know before the party that it is going to be free of alcohol. If you don’t, you are running a risk of receiving gifts, which would be mostly bottles of wine. Some will smuggle in some drinks of their preference. So, the guests ought to be well informed about the expectations of the host and the objective of the party. Throw in something like we are going to have fun, but we are not getting wasted.

Personally curate your invitation list

Your invitation list should have people from different groups. For instance, you can invite your college friends, your church members, old friends, etc. having divergent groups creates an environment where people want to know each other hence you wouldn’t worry about pleasing them since they will be busy catching. Whoever gives you a hard time about the booze-free event should not make a list.

a Teenage Party Without Booze
Set the mood

Initiate an excellent soft party mood by serving some drinks to the guests. When you take away alcoholic beverages, replace them with sweet-tasting beautiful refreshments for the guests. Music should not miss, a talking lounge should not miss, and cool lighting should definitely be included in the décor. Some people would like to dance,
some will make friends, while others will wind the time away. Hiring a DJ can help.

Include fancy fun activities

This will be the most important thing. It would be best if you got your guests entertained, and this is one way of ensuring they leave satisfied about the night. Research about those activities you guys like as a group and have them introduced to your party.

The bottom line

It is a challenging assignment to organize and execute a teenage party without alcohol. Teens are naturally active and strong. It would help if you got those activities they like so that they can get preoccupied with the thought of getting drinks.

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