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Pick a Hog Roast for Your Most Unique and Memorable Wedding

Make Your Wedding Not Just Special, but Memorable Too

Pick a Hog Roast for Your Most Unique and Memorable Wedding

Make Your Wedding Not Just Special, but Memorable Too

A major hurdle in planning your special day, and one that commands much of the budget, is planning the food that will be served at the reception following the wedding ceremony. The reception, after all, is focused as much on the wedding guests and providing time for the guests to mingle, dine, dance and visit. Put this portion of the planning into the capable hands of a professional hog roast wedding caterer and worry no more.

Ham, it Up and Worry Not About the Meal

A hog roast is far from being a new or novel idea. There are many benefits to choosing the option of a hog roast. Eat, drink and be married with practically no worries about the meal so your focus can be elsewhere, like enjoying your special day!

The roasted hog itself is a holistic mnemonic device that will be remembered and shared by your wedding guests for years to come. Furthermore, custom-marinated pork is a versatile meat that goes well with most vegetables and even blends nicely with fruits and desserts.

Your Most Unique and Memorable Wedding
For Your Most Unique and Memorable Wedding

Capture the Attention of Many with This Great Option

The caterer will work with you and/or your wedding planner to ascertain the level of the marinade, the type of marinade, and the entire presentation of the meal. The pork is customized for tantamount flavor and juiciness; it will be the most memorable tender pork dish ever.

There are virtually no other catering options in which a meat carver will personalize and add that “personal touch” to every guest’s meal by providing the requested portion. Not only is this a terrific option, but a hog roast is an overall economical choice because of its holistic nature, and the meat easily serves a large crowd. Most hog roast caterers also include the clean up in the quoted price.

For the Vegetarian and Vegan Guests

Most hog roast caterers are very willing to provide a separate area or table of those items or dishes that can be consumed by your vegetarian and vegan guests. The hog itself is easily kept separate from this option.

Serve the Tasty Entree That Hopefully Won’t Outshine the Bride!

Make Your Wedding Special
Unique and Memorable Wedding

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