How Much Does It Really Cost to Hire A Wedding Videographer?

How Much Does It Really Cost to Hire A Wedding Videographer?

How Much Does It Really Cost to Hire A Wedding Videographer?

Picking the right videographer for your wedding is such an important decision. You might already have a photographer, but you need a videographer too. They play a different but equally important role at your South Dakota Wedding.

While your photographer will capture beautiful stills of your wedding, a videographer will document moving pictures with sounds and moments that you won’t forget. In later years, your anniversaries are also apt to be more fun with a wedding video to reminisce with.

Weddings often go by in a flash for the couples concerned. Having a video of your Sioux Falls wedding is a great way to document it so that you can relive the experience later at your own pace. To get that, you need a wedding videographer to capture your celebration.

Currently, the average cost of a wedding videographer here in the US is somewhere around $2500 and above. In this article, we break down the factors that impact your wedding videographers’ prices. Some of them are very obvious, while others are not.

  • How Long Your Wedding Goes on For

How long your wedding videographer spends at your wedding will significantly influence how much you pay for their services. The more time they spend filming, the more you’ll likely pay. Adding the coverage of other events like your rehearsal will also increase your wedding videography price. But if you ask us, the amount is worth its value.

  • How Many People Are Needed to Cover Your Event

How many people your videographer uses to cover your event could also influence your price. The more staff they come with, the higher you’ll have to pay. If your North Dakota wedding is vast and your videographer needs more than two people to capture it adequately, you’ll have to pay more.

  • The Distance Between Your Venue and Where the Videographer is Based

If your wedding is a long distance from your videographer, you’ll definitely have to pay more. Most wedding experts include their travel time and distance into their service fees. A local Sioux Falls videographer won’t have to add that since you’re nearby. Location is an influencing factor when it comes to the cost of your wedding videographer.

  • The Date of Your Wedding

Is your wedding during the off-season? You might find that your videographer will be more than ready to give you a few discounts here and there. South Dakota weddings that happen in peak wedding season would, therefore, cost more. However, if your wedding is happening on an unusual weekday, like a Wednesday, you could get lower prices. There could also be a discount if you book way in advance of your event.

  • How Experienced They Are

Videographers at a certain level of expertise will charge more for their skillset. It is only right because you’ll be getting above average standard for your wedding. There are so many advantages that you’ll enjoy that they only bring because of how long they’ve worked at this. Be ready to pay more if you’re looking for a really great videographer. You could also try to find a balance between quality and price that works for you.

  • The Equipment that They Use

Ideally, your videographer should have up-to-date equipment. This might, however, end up costing you more. Especially if they have things in their package that refer to the high technology that they’d be using. For example, drone footage will add a bit more to your overall costs but looks fantastic! High definition cameras, lighting equipment, and the rest that they use often cost a lot. These all play a part in your videographers’ fee too.

  • Post-Production

One of the things that consume the most time when it comes to wedding videography is editing. It is most often done by the same person who captures your event. Other times, they may work alongside a separate editor to ensure that you get the best product. You could also be allowed to do some edits if you request, but additional editing often costs more.

  • The Final Wedding Video

What do you intend to receive from your videographer? You could receive a highlight reel, your edited film, and even your raw footage. They could also add short extra edited clips for your social media and other kinds of clips. These often come at a higher cost, though. Other things that also affect your cost include whether you are receiving a DVD, Blu-ray, or a USB drive. If you also request for additional copies, they could cost more.

  • Extras

Drone footage, Super 8 film, extra DVDs like we mentioned before, and other things like more effects are bound to affect your Sioux Falls wedding videography cost. Most basic videographers’ packages include a full-length wedding video, a highlight reel, and sometimes, the raw footage from your wedding.

However, your wedding videographer can go the extra length to create other videos for you, depending on your taste. Some of them include save-the-date videos, reception introduction videos, and a photo slideshow or montage for your rehearsal dinner.

These extras will add to a wedding videographer’s cost, but they can make a tremendous and creative addition to your Sioux Falls wedding.

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