10 Packing Essentials For Your Honeymoon

10 Packing Essentials For Your Honeymoon

10 Packing Essentials For Your Honeymoon

Congratulations on your adventures together as Mr. and Mrs.

Going for a honeymoon is a happy vibe and you want that vibe all throughout your trip right? After all, it is going to be the experience of a lifetime.

Finally, your long-time honeymoon planning is going to succeed. We are not asking where you two are heading to, but we are sure that you and your partner must have decided the best place(s) to go on honeymooning. By this time your itinerary would be prepared right? But hey wait! What about the honeymoon essentials that you are going to carry from the beginning of the trip to the end?

Whether you are flying away far to the Caribbean place or deciding to go on a long road trip it’s only you and your partner who are going to enjoy these beautiful days together. But remember? That there are a few things that are extremely essential for a honeymoon trip and these are called travel essentials. And if you are looking for ideas to gift your wife something on your first holidays together then put this gift on your essentials priority list.

It’s not uncommon for couples to overlook things they believe are minor or forget to double-check if they’ve packed everything, thinking they can just buy what they need at their honeymoon destination. However, this often leads to regret and a sense of disappointment.

But later on, there is no point in kicking themselves. Since you are brimming with so much excitement, we are afraid you might also forget something essential.

And neither of us would appreciate it, right? That’s why we are here with the new guide for honeymoon packing essentials to help you recall all the things.

10 Packing Essentials For Your Honeymoon

1. Passport

Of course, it’s the thing that you keep picking at the very last moment!

Remember your honeymoon travel is impossible without it! Unless you are not going outside of the country.

But how many times it happens that you misplace it at the last moment? The chances are extremely high. That’s why keeping a passport already in an essential pouch is extremely crucial.

To prevent the last moment panic, you must keep your passport with your travel package list.

2. Personal Id’s and Documents

After a passport, these are the most important thing that couples often forgets.

All your hotel check-ins and your place visits require your personal ID and hence you forgetting them can create havoc. It’s also mandatory to put in extra copies of your documents as in some places the authorities might ask for them.

You can keep a slim and handy pouch in which your passport, personal ID, and documents can be kept safely. Make it a part of your honeymoon planning and you won’t land up in document-related trouble.

3. Luggage Packing Cubes

Now this is something that couples do not consider for their honeymoon vacation because what’s the need for it?

It’s like keeping your honeymoon clothes compartmentalized!

Initially, nobody recognizes the need for luggage packing cubes but it’s been tried and trusted that these are the life-savior thing that one could bring to the trip and especially when it is a honeymoon trip.

  • First of all, the luggage packing cubes keep your clothes and things all arranged and in place.
  • Secondly, it prevents the mess you create while packing and unpacking your things again and again.
  • And lastly, it makes you remember your commodities more precisely.

Note: If you are carrying minimal jewelry with you, remember to keep them in a soft and lint-free box to prevent your jewelry from scratches.

4. Luggage Tracker

One more essential thing if you and your partner want to secure your honeymoon trip from a big loss.

Why are we saying so? Because it’s common for couples to misplace their honeymoon luggage. Managing your luggage is a bit of a struggle especially when you are going to visit a place for the first time! After all, you are stuffed with new excitement.

A luggage tracker would give you a sense of feeling that your luggage is secure and in your reach. It also allows you to know that your luggage is actually been loaded onto the plane because sometimes due to negligence the luggage got missed. Trust me, your honeymoon suitcase and bags will thank you!

5. Basic Toiletries

These are your “Honeymoon Must Haves”

Although, wherever you go you will get these basic toiletries but no one will tell you how important it is to bring your own basic toiletries with you.

If your skin is sensitive or you are used to specific products then you must bring your own products.

Your basic toiletries include

  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Razor
  • Deodorant
  • Hair ties
  • Bobby pins
  • Small soap
  • Shampoo

6. Sunscreen

We would have included it in the basic toiletries list but it is crucial to name it individually to highlight. Do not forget your “Sunscreen”!

Traveling means a lot of sun exposure along with mountains of dust. It is certain that your skin would get tanned. Since it is not possible to carry your complete skin care kit you can keep sunscreen and your face moisturizer to protect your skin from drastic face ailments.

You want gorgeous pictures of your honeymoon, right?

What’s the better way to keep your skin shiny, glowing, and most importantly healthy?

7. General Medicine and Thermometer

Honeymoon travel is a lot more fun and we are not denying it either. But it is also a hectic thing, which you can’t deny either right?

First of all, don’t forget to pack medicines if you and your partner are taking them for health purposes. But if not then general medicines will work fine.

General illnesses like cold, cough, headache, stomach ache, body ache, and fever can attack your body anytime and especially when you are traveling. Changing weather conditions might make you vulnerable to these things. That’s why keeping general medicines with you is always a good idea. A thermometer will help you know your fever conditions and will let you know whether you should consult a doctor or if is it just because of tiredness.

Prepare a pouch in which you keep the medicines and keep it inside a bag that you will carry all the time with you. So, in case whenever you need them you do not have to struggle to find a chemist shop in an unknown place.

8. Power Bank

Come on! We know you are not going to forget your phone charger. But you know it won’t help if there are no power switches to charge your phones from. In this case, Power Bank is another life savior.

Although, honeymooning is mostly about enjoying quality time together and knowing your partner more we can’t deny that it is also about taking loads and loads of pictures and videos.

So why let your phone’s limited battery life decide how much fun you can have when you can simply thank the peeking technology for its advances?

“Power Bank” will not only give you the freedom to enjoy your days but will also assure you that your help will always be a phone call away if you get into any trouble.

9. Credit Card and Cash

Since everything can be done online, money transfers can too!

But what if somewhere your bank connection got broken or your internet stop working? That’s a nightmare, right? Keeping some cash in your pockets will allow you to spend regardless of your internet connectivity.

And keeping a credit card is always a plus point. Shopping should be done with credit cards so that you can enjoy extra bonuses and heavy discounts and can maintain your credit card score at the same time.

10. A Handy East-to-Carry Bag

The most important thing that you will realize throughout the trip. We have already mentioned what are the things that you can carry in this bag for example your basic toiletries and your general medicines.

A handy bag will give you ease from the heavily loaded suitcases. You can’t explore the whole place taking these suitcases right? And you can’t be empty-handed either. A handy bag that you can carry on your shoulder would work fine. Your charger, power bank, water bottle, medicines, some cash and IDs, and also a pair of clothes.

This bag would be your adventure buddy, your trekking buddy, and whatnot. So, we hope you would consider it your travel best friend.

Photo by Barbara Maier on Unsplash

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