Men's Best Wedding Rings

The Groom’s Guide to Men’s Best Wedding Rings

You must be thinking that picking out men’s wedding rings should be a pretty easy thing. Well, yes, and no. It is a simple drill that can easily go wrong for a varying number of reasons. But not to get too wary here, the best thing to do is to start out with the right attitude. That, in this case, is to be aware that nothing, when it comes to a wedding, is easy and so, you need both time and patience. Even with men’s wedding rings, the questions are very many. What kind of style are you looking for? Do you want a band or a ring? Is it inside your budget or just outside? Diamonds or no diamonds? All these questions that may seem confusing at first are the key to finding the best ring you can buy at your budget. In a Q & A style, here is a groom’s guide to finding a great wedding ring. 

What to Buy?

Unlike women, men do not put a ton of thoughts into picking out a ring. In fact, in all probability, he puts more thoughts into singling out the engagement ring for his fiancé than into buying his own ring. So, the first question that pops in his mind at the thought of buying a wedding ring is what to buy. 

Well, the answer to that could be anything, but let’s discuss the choices first. In men’s wedding bands, a groom has two primary choices each of which has numerous choices under them. So, your first step would be to select between a wedding ring and a wedding band. 

A ring normally has a focal point in the form of a gem with some details around the shoulders. The designs vary greatly, whereas a band is a ring without a center point. It is uniform all around, detail or no detail. More often than not, bands exhibit clean and minimal engraved details which makes it an easy favorite of grooms of all ages. 

How to Choose?

If you are going with bands, then there is the matter of style to settle first. Normally, a band comes in a handful of styles, or shapes. In men’s section, your prime choices would be- court, flat court, flat-sided court, D-shape, double comfort, flat, halo and concave. Now any of these could be your style, but it’s best to get a feel of the wedding band before you go ahead and order it for you. Walk into a store and try out a few of the styles that catch your attention and decide which works for you. A handy tip is to go with the one that is wearable on an everyday basis. 

Moving on to the second leg of the purchase, the finish. Style and finish being the two deciding factors of a band, you need to take time and patience to pick it. Normally, there are four kinds of finishes in men’s wedding bands, namely, high polish, matte, satin and sandblast. The way to go forward would be to make up your mind between polish and matt finishes and then go from there. 

Alternately, if you are going with a ring, then you will have to go straight to the designs. There are various styles in men’s wedding rings, but there are too many of them to decide beforehand what kind you want. As for finishes, in rings too you will have the same options of polish and matt and mixed, but the design makes the final difference. So, it’s always more practical to check out the rings and pick what is comfortable and stylish for you than to decide the other factors first. 

What to Look?

If you do not want your wedding band to be an afterthought, there are some things you need to decide in advance. So, first thing’s first, look at all the available widths. In a showroom, you will find rings of all widths. There are skinny and slight ones as well as broad and heavy ones. The lighter ones come for an easy price while the wider rings are on the expensive side. So how do you decide? Let your budget and style be the guiding posts. Hitting the perfect ring is an act of balancing between the price and size. Also, take into account the length and girth of your fingers. 

Next is metal. These days there are quite a few choices outside of the usual gold, silver, and platinum. Add palladium and titanium to the list and you have the full catalog. Deciding the metal is pretty easy. You just have to find out whether you lean towards gold or white metals and pick something fitting to your budget. Silver, white gold, and titanium have lower price points while others tend to be expensive. There are also mixed metal styles involving two contrasting metals, gold, and platinum in most cases, but it could be any two metals you want.  

The Groom's Guide to Men's Best Wedding Rings
The Groom’s Guide to Men’s Best Wedding Rings

What Are the Best options?

The best options this year are bands that have engraved stylings, also minimal rings with flush set diamonds. Neither of these is overly decorative in aesthetics, but are very flattering on everybody. They are in fashion for quite some years now. So here goes some of the best options in men’s wedding rings this year.

The Satin-Center White Gold Band

If you are looking for a classic band, go no further than this one. Satisfying all aesthetic and functional expectations of a customer, this one is a versatile piece. This ring beautifully rounds up great looks with superb comfort. A dainty ring with a satin center and polished edges, sophistication doesn’t get better than this.  

The Sectioned Rose Gold Band 

This design is a personal favorite of many. Clean and linear, this design takes the regular D-shaped band and changes it to a marvel. Featuring horizontal and vertical lines, this section band is a pick worth the money. 

The Twin Metal Sleek Band 

Lastly, for those looking for something extraordinary, this rose and white metal band in the satin center style is a ring that will never go out of fashion.

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