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Why Having a Wedding Day Coordinator is the Best Investment For Your Wedding

Why Having a Wedding Day Coordinator is the Best Investment For Your Wedding

Your wedding budget is expensive. After spending money on flowers, a venue, a photographer, wedding music, and food for all of the guests it can be hard to find the available money for a wedding coordinator. Some brides do make the investment in a wedding planner that helps to take care and coordinate all of the required tasks before the wedding takes place. However, there is also tremendous value in hiring a wedding coordinator for the actual wedding day.

Some of the activities that need to be done on the wedding day are getting ready, wedding party prep, preparing the reception area, coordinating with different vendors, and making sure that the guests are happy and having fun. For the bride and groom, the day is supposed to be all about them and the memories they make. The last thing you want is your memories to be of the stress and coordination to make sure the day goes off without a hitch. A wedding day coordinator is one of the best investments you can make because it takes off any extra responsibility that you might feel. You can expect to spend anywhere from $500 to $3,000 dollars on a wedding coordinator. This guide will demonstrate the value that a wedding coordinator brings.

1. Hire the Wedding Coordinator

While the majority of their work is done on the wedding day, you will need to hire the wedding coordinator far in advance of the actual day. Try to hire the person about two months out from the actual wedding.

2. Communicate with Vendors Before the Wedding

The wedding coordinator will collect contact information for all of the vendors and contact them all to arrange arrival, responsibilities, and departure on the wedding day. The wedding day coordinator actually starts working about a month before the wedding. This means they are filled in on your expectations and show up to the wedding day ready to manage the experience.

3. Be Present at the Venue

 On the day of the wedding, there will be many different places to be at once! A day of a wedding coordinator is able to meet with all of your vendors so that you only have to worry about getting ready. They can provide directions, communicate any issues, time changes, or concerns, and make sure that all of the vendors are on point for their responsibilities.

4. Follow Suggested Timelines

A wedding day coordinator knows better than anyone that very few weddings follow the exact timeline and plan that the lucky couple has created. They also know how to shift the schedule and balance expectations to make sure that the day flows and is the best it can be. A wedding coordinator is able to say that you have not devoted enough time to pictures or to a reception hour and can give valuable suggestions.

5. Collecting and Organizing Gifts

You will get many gifts from your wedding. This even includes things that are not on your wish list. The wedding coordinator is able to gather, store, and package the gifts for you.

A wedding day coordinator seems like a big expense initially. However, it is not an expense, it is an investment. A talented wedding day coordinator takes stress and responsibilities off your shoulders. They manage the vendors, the bridal party, the bride and groom as well as venue details. Things rarely go according to plan on your wedding day and you do not want to be stuck trying to respond while at the same time making wonderful memories.

Author Bio Jay Della Valle is the CEO and head Entertainer at Spinners Entertainment, an Award-Winning  NJ/NY based Entertainment and Events company since 1995.  As one of the highest-rated companies in the NJ/NY Metro area, Spinners is known for their signature services which involve the integration of the some of the industry’s most versatile DJ/MCs with world-class solo musicians and “one of a kind” acoustic acts.  Jay also DJs, plays guitar and sings in a popular Indie Folk Trio called Owls and Lions. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his 2 children, witting music and traveling.

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