7 wedding dress trends in 2018

7  wedding dress trends in 2018

7  wedding dress trends in 2018

Although the wedding trend of 2018 has already been written many times all over the world. I don’t know which one is really considered by you. Maybe some of you who choose to suffer from the phobia. it is difficult to say which one is your favorite? Fortunately, there is me! Combined with this year’s Bridal Fashion Week release, selected in 2018 the most worthy of trying nine wedding trends, wedding picks on the right! You are the master of your wedding. You can choose from romantic and tender, simple and modern, a retro classic, or sexy temptation style wedding gown.

Most wedding dresses need to be purchased or booked in a wedding dress shop, a boutique or other store, it can be closer to each person’s body, achieving the most perfect results.

NO.1, Princess Cloak

The Disney princesses in memory seem to have their own beautiful cloak? Inspired by the princess’s cloak, designers have skipped the veil that has been pampered for a long time. This year many chic cloak models were introduced. Long, medium, and short styles, as well as materials such as grosgrain or tulle, can make the bride shine like a princess.

The shape of the cloak is low-key and elegant, and it feels safe to put on the body. It also smoothes the silhouette of the entire shape. If you want to play with new tricks outside of the veil, this princess cloak with temperament is the best choice.

NO.2  3D flowers elements

The beautiful bride is always inseparable from the beautiful flowers. The use of flowers in wedding dresses and dresses is also very frequent. It is not difficult to spend flowers. What is difficult is how to make flowers fresh. With the use of new fabrics and new technologies in the fashion industry, 3D flowers are becoming more and more common. Exquisite three-dimensional decoration can give the wedding vibrancy,

Different materials can be used in the production. For example, mesh yarn can also be used to stretch three-dimensional flowers layer by layer; or grosgrain and yarn weaving fabrics matched with wedding dresses are good choices. Designers will use a gradual approach so that these seemingly true flowers from the dense to scattered “down” in the wedding, and very rich in the overall sense of hierarchy.

NO.3 Bride wears trousers

Perhaps the dress is not loved by all girls. 2018 The up-and-coming trousers dress has made many women excited about pantsuits. Trousers with a neutral skirt that can’t be expressed extremely in a kind of skirt, the same shape can show a bumpy body, no less than skirts!

The design of the wedding trousers is more balanced with neat and soft beauty, embellished with feminine lace, chiffon, or bows, which also preserves the feminine features of the wedding dress while preserving the natural qualities of the trousers. Siamese pants or avatar suits are good choices, and trousers can better represent women’s self-confidence than their dresses.

7 wedding dress trends in 2018
7 wedding dress trends in 2018

NO.4 Wonderland color

The pure white wedding dress is pure and holy, but the 2018 wedding theme will no longer be limited to white. The bride can choose more and more light colors according to his skin color and favorite style. Deep Champagne, Light Champagne, Bare Powder, Grey Blue… These low-saturation light-colored wedding dresses can quietly enhance your fairy temperament. A touch of beauty is definitely not inferior to the romance of a white wedding dress. It will definitely make people brighten up.

As an after-party dance, toast dress is also a good choice.

NO.5 Off shoulder and unique sleeve are good choices

For the attention and re-creation of the sleeves, there is no exception from the fashion industry to the wedding industry. Especially this year, the sleeves are all so hot. The wedding dress design cannot be used well. Off-shoulder has always been one of the favorite styles for wedding designers. Female sexy collarbones and sleek shoulder lines can be magnified to perfection in the case of a one-shoulder design.

Now, the shoulders and the sleeves of different shapes are merged with each other, and they show a completely different sense of style. For example, cute and exaggerated princess puff sleeves, hem elegant ruffled wide sleeves, court claw sleeves … … Even the most basic long-sleeved, will be lining their arms more slender.

NO.6 Perfect length of the wedding dress

Skirts are playful enough but they lose stability. The trailing skirts are imposing but inevitably inconvenient. This year, the long skirt wedding style will be popular. Inspiration is simply from the goddess of the 50s screen directly pulled out of the wardrobe. At that time, the length of the skirt just right to the ankle was very popular, because it would reveal a nice ankle curve. Speaking of this, it can not help but think of a generation of goddess Audrey Hepburn, many of the skirts she wears are of such a good length.

However, I think we must pay attention to this point. To control this style, the control of the length of the skirt is very subtle, and it must vary from person to person. After all, our personal height and body ratio are different. Some styles may stagger in the most sturdy position of the calf, so that not only highlight your sexy ankle but also cause the leg to look thicker, more harm than good! So, we must be careful about the length of the skirt and remember to reveal only the most delicate ankle part if we want to try this kind of retro classic that makes the bride reborn!

NO.7 simple and modern sense

The simple and modern sense is a style that modern urban women are admiring. Simple is best is never outdated. This year’s wedding dresses also have many simple and modern designs. Most of them are not decorated with ornamentation. The excellent material and shape alone hold up the entire gas field. It is worth mentioning that the sleek and modern sense seems to be perfectly represented by silky smooth materials such as grosgrain. The fabric wrapped outside the body’s natural curve is elegant and unparalleled.

Brides who love minimalism strongly recommend this type of design. Hanging on a hanger may be ordinary, but when you put on your body, you will find that this one is truly amazing.

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