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Things You Must Consider If You Are Having a Backyard Wedding

Things You Must Consider If You Are Having a Backyard Wedding

Things You Must Consider If You Are Having a Backyard Wedding

Even though some people like to follow certain patterns in order to make their life substantially easier, when it really comes down to it, every wedding is a completely unique occasion. While some people like to rent expensive venues or go to exotic locations in order to say their vows, there are those who are more inclined towards something simpler, cheaper and more intimate. We are talking about the idea of throwing a backyard wedding. For all those who are seriously considering such a move, here are a few things you will have to keep in mind.

1.      Is your backyard up to the task?

In theory, all you need to do in order to prepare your backyard for a wedding is a wedding tent, some catering, a great music and a custom dance-floor. Unfortunately, all of this might be more than your backyard can take. First of all, let’s talk size. You see, even with the minimal number of guests you will still have to designate a lot of room in order to meet all the requirements listed above. This means that your backyard may not be big enough for the occasion. Of course, no one claims that it has to be your backyard or that you have to host both ceremony and the reception there. Either way, make sure to plan and measure everything before you make any final decisions.

Things You Must Consider If You Are Having a Backyard Wedding

2.      Renting a tent

The next thing you absolutely must consider is what kind of a tent you are going to rent. While it is true that by timing your wedding properly, you can avoid any kind of atmospheric inconvenience, do you really want to take any chances on the most important day in your life? Keep in mind, however, that this is a huge issue in your wedding budget and although this day may be worth it, you don’t want to pay it off until the rest of your days. Not all tents are equal and what you need to do is find the one that will fit your wedding in theme, size and budget. Not an easy task but one that has to be done nevertheless.

3.      Hiring a photographer

Once you have made sure your backyard is big enough and have considered your tenting options, it is time to think about hiring the right photographer. Before you even start finding the right photographer, you need to keep in mind that there is a great diversification of photographers based on the style they work in. For instance, some prefer their wedding to be recorded as a documentary, while others are more interested in something a bit more edgy, bold and creative.

As a final point, hiring a photographer is definitely not your only option. Those who want to go with something completely unique might even consider a wedding & party photo booth hire. Needless to say, this will provide a completely new experience even for some of the most frequent wedding-attendees.

4.      Getting the right caterer

Finally, every bride knows that finding the right caterer is probably the most important task when it comes to organizing a wedding. In other words, it is a step that can make or break a great wedding. For this to work, you need to figure out your budget, have an exact plan on what the layout of your backyard-venue is going to be like and finally, do some research.

Keep in mind that even if you do find a caterer you like on the first try, you should still get multiple proposals, just so you can compare the costs. Finally, a lot of wedding organizers fail to ask about linens and dinnerware which tends to be a crucial mistake. Sometimes, you caterers will do this on their own and therefore help out your organization tasks significantly.

In conclusion

As you can see, having a backyard wedding is not unlike a regular wedding planning with a few extra steps.

Sure, you do get to save some money on the venue but you also add a few additional costs to the mix that you wouldn’t have to worry about otherwise. In other words, a backyard wedding is mostly for people who always dreamt of getting married in the open, intimate and familiar setting and your personal preference should always be a determining factor.

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