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Small Secrets for the Perfect Home Wedding

Small Secrets Perfect Home Wedding

Small Secrets for the Perfect Home Wedding

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to hold your wedding in your own home. Not having to book a venue will significantly lower the strain that would otherwise be put on your budget. Also, there is a very special feeling of intimacy when you get married in your home, or in your family home where you took your first steps as a baby. It can be emotional and very romantic, but also very stressful if you don’t prepare well. Don’t worry, here are some tricks that will help you make sure your eyes don’t wander from your loved one to the crack on the wall in the middle of the ceremony.
Small retouches make a big difference
You are not turning your home into a professional venue, so don’t try to make it look like one. Use the homey feeling to your advantage and make the most of what is already there. That being said, this might be a great excuse to give your home some much-needed renovation. A bit of fresh paint will instantly brighten up the place, and applying a shiny new coat of lacquer to all the woodwork will make it stand out and look beautiful.
Have a plan B
Make sure you have a backup plan for any situation: if you are planning an outdoor reception, and the weather takes a turn for the worse, can all of your guests fit into your house? If the catering cancels last minute, do you have enough ingredients in your house for your aunt to cook up a meal for everyone? Be prepared for everything.

Small Secrets Perfect Home Wedding
Cut down your guest list
Try to assess how many people can fit into your home, and how many can fit in the room where the actual ceremony will be taking place. That is the number of your guests, and you should stick to it. This way, you won’t have a lot of guests on your wedding, but you can at least be sure that everyone is comfortable. You don’t want people to feel like sardines in a can while witnessing your big moment. Additionally, if you don’t want to rent furniture, silverware and glasses, you might be limited by the number of chairs or utensils you own. But, let’s face it, renting chairs so that they all match and your aunt doesn’t end up on a computer chair is a worthwhile investment.
Hire a good photographer
Photographs are very important, and it’s important that they are of excellent quality, as they will be the most accurate reminder of your wedding. Having a good photographer makes the difference between a photograph where every part of your house that you tried to conceal is prominently displayed, and a photograph that looks like you got married in a fairy tale. Luckily, wedding photography in Sydney is a thriving business, so you won’t have any problems finding someone to work for you.

Small Secrets Perfect Home Wedding
Wedding guests are not houseguests
Depending on how long your guest list is, this might be more or less of a problem, but a general rule of thumb can be – nobody except for the most immediate family sleeps over. The day before your big day you’ll want to have enough space to relax, take a bath or a shower without someone knocking on the bathroom door. Your friends can all come over in the morning, but for spending the night – recommend them a good hotel nearby.
No matter how the day goes, how many unpredictable situation come up or how embarrassing your parents’ wedding speeches are, the most important thing is the union created there that will follow you through the rest of your life.

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