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Wedding City Antalya

The marriage process in Middle East has many ommon points with the marriages in many regions of Anatolia.First, groom’s mother or aunt goes to see the bride to be. Then her character and skills are investigated from surroundings. The oldest man in the bride to be’s family is asked to ask the family to give their daughter as a bride, and then the grandparents of the groom’s family go out to the girls family’s house to ask for. After a few visits, if the girl’s family finds the situation suitable, the engagement is made. After that, two families go to the main bazaar to buy gold. According to the situation of the families, the majority of the burden is taken by the groom’s family. Engagement ceremonies are occasional dinner ceremonies which are only between families.

Engagement does not last 6 months. The engagement period is predetermined and should not exceed six months. In some regions it can last two to three years. There are certain traditions that have been adapted throughout the engagement period. Groom’s family visits the family of the bride and the money is given to them on these visits. The bride completes her dowry with the support of these funds which are given to her and her family. During this time, both the families and the bride and groom have the opportunity to get to know each other. The couple decides whether they can agree or not. If there is a disagreement between bride and groom or between their families, they break up. In this case, bride should return everything that groom and his family bought for her.

Wedding City Antalya
wedding ceremony in Antalya

Weddings in Middle East last for 3 days. After the engagement process, it is time for the wedding. The wedding ceremony shows differences within regions. Also, the financial situation of the families is an important factor in determining the venue of the wedding. Weddings are traditionally last three days. On first day people of the whole neighborhood are gathered, meals are made and entertainment starts. Next day is henna day. The henna ceremony is at the bride’s house. On third day, groom and his family takes the bride from her house with a horse or nowadays with a car.

Wedding City Antalya
wedding ceremony in Turkey

Indian Wedding Traditions

Marriage traditions in this country where various ethnic groups come together are very different and rich compared to other countries. Indian weddings are very colorful and they last 3 days. Moreover, there are ceremonies called Mehndi ceremony, Sangeet ceremony, Baraat ceremony, Varmala ceremony. Especially three cities, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are in complete cultural mix. Everything you see may be interesting to you.

In India, different wedding traditions are organized as we mentioned earlier. Weddings of families which have economical power living in the country are very gorgeous. Marriages in the country are usually under the roof of religions. Some parents make their children look at astrologic map before getting married. Indian astrology has a marriage map called ‘’Navamsa’’. This map serves as a reference map in the sense of the powers of the planets in the birth horoscope. The maps of the young people to be married are examined by this method and the problem to be revealed in the future is seen from the beginning. In India, this phenomenon is commonly used before marriage.

Wedding City Antalya
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Grooms in India are responsible for the bridal dress, so they buy clothes that are suitable for the bride’s other than the daily costume she wears. Bride; Instead of a white wedding dress, wear a special dress called ‘’sari’’. Bride wears casual clothes on the wedding ceremony and wears the clothes her husband prepared for her after the ceremony. Wedding City Antalya is the best wedding planner in Turkey, Antalya. has all the knowledge and experience on Indian Wedding Ceremonies. We can make your traditional Indian wedding ceremony in Antalya. We can organize your Mehndi ceremony, Sangeet ceremony, Baraat ceremony and Varmala ceremony in Antalya. Antalya is the new trend for Indian weddings. You may see our luxury hotel partners and luxury wedding venues in our web page.

Wedding City Antalya
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Pakistani Wedding Traditions

Mystical trends for wedding have occurred in Pakistani weddings. One of the most common traditions in the country in general is testing the patience of the groom to be. This test is made by the bride to be’s family. This test is based on the fact that the elders of the family can do all the misbehaviors and curses to the groom’s candidate, and the groom’s candidate should be so cool and should show the bride’s family that he can bear it all. It means that the young groom has passed the test successfully and can marry with the bride to be.

Wedding City Antalya
marriage ceremony in Turkey

Chinese Wedding Traditions

Marriage in China, a crowded country with lots of different cultural backgrounds, is made according to astrology. Generally, there are a lot of people in the country who believe in Buddhism, one of the earliest religions of history. From the couples to marry, the groom’s family asks the astrological expert to comment on those who are considering marrying. If the groom’s family finds the horoscope which is made by the expert proper, groom’s family asks the bride’s family to apply the same procedure.

Tea is very valuable for Chinese people. Among the gifts to be given to the family of the bride, tea has an important place. Before the wedding, the groom prepares the marriage bed and puts on the bed orange, peanuts and various fruits. The small children are allowed to sit on the bed and play with the fruits. They believe that the more children there are on the bed, the more fertility will be for the bride. The bride wears red shoes on the wedding day.

Wedding City Antalya
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Bulgarian Wedding Traditions

In Bulgaria groom to be goes to the bride to be’s house with his best friend and with a small bouquet of green flowers called “ zdravet“ and a special house whiskey called “ rakia“ representing happiness, health and wealth. Besides, he gives small presents to bride and her father. On the last Thursday before the wedding day, special bread is made by mixing dough and yeast, and this bread symbolizes the formation of a new family.

Iranian wedding at beach in Antalya

African Wedding Traditions

In some parts of Africa, the groom asks the bride’s family to give their daughter to him as a bride. If they accept this offer, groom gives money and peanuts to the bride. This means a wedding invitation to neighbors and relatives.

Wedding City Antalya
beach wedding in Antalya

Wedding Traditions In Bosnia And Herzegovina

In Bosnia-Herzegovina, the groom candidate is invited to dinner at the bride to be’s house and discusses the marriage with the elder ones of the family. After the bride’s family members have made a decision about the groom candidate, they are offered him coffee. The sweet coffee means that the groom’s candidate is suitable for marriage, and the sugar-free one means that the groom’s candidate is rejected.

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